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Spell quantum split.png This article is about the spell. For the material, see Bomb (Material).

Bomb is a spell that summons a bomb that drops near you. In the 'New Game' mode, the second starting wand has a chance of containing this spell.

The Bomb's explosion removes all material and terrain up to a certain durability in a decent radius. Terrain adjacent to and above the explosion will erode and turn into a powder version of the same material, otherwise keeping their material properties. A similar effect can be achieved using Thunder Charge.


  • Most types of terrain will be destroyed from the Bomb's fairly large explosive radius. Steel, Extremely Dense Rock and Cursed Rock are noteworthy exceptions.
  • Being affected by gravity, the Bomb will roll along the ground due to its round shape. Place it carefully as it can easily roll away from the desired location.
  • Kicking Bombs allows the destruction of overhead terrain and flying enemies that would normally be out of its explosion radius if laid on the ground. Mind the blast radius to avoid taking damage from the explosion though.
  • As with any explosive, Berserkium doubles the power as well as the explosive radius.
  • The Bombs Materialized perk allows Bombs to be held and used directly from item slots.


  • Before version 1.0, this spell would always appear in the second starter wand (also known colloquially as the 'bomb wand') in the 'New Game' mode.
  • Since "The Feast" patch in April, 2020, Bombs are now also considered to be projectiles in addition to physics objects. This means that their flight path can now be altered by modifiers like Homing, whereas before they simply dropped to the ground.


Testing a Bomb in the Holy Mountain.
Bomb Radius Rock Dense Rock.gif
The destruction radius of Bomb in Rock and Dense Rock.

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  • Apr 8 2024:
    • Reduced the spawn probabilities of tiers 4 and 5 from 1.0 to 0.5.
    • Reduced the spawn probability of tier 6 from 1.0 to 0.1.