Omega Black Hole

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Omega Black Hole is a Static projectile spell. On use, it summons a large black hole with insanely high gravity that deals heavy damage to anything nearby and almost instantly kills anything inside of it. It will consume any Materials inside it and turn other nearby materials into large rocks of Collapsed Concrete. Omega Black Hole deals 210 curse damage per second in a large area around it, a 144x144 box.


  • This is as close to a real black hole as you can get while still maintaining game balance.
  • It is basically required to use this spell with a trigger or timer spell, since casting it directly will kill you before you can react.
  • The spell can be used for digging, albeit with high risk of death.
  • It can be used to easily clean out large groups of enemies in seconds. Just make sure to stand far enough away from it.
  • While quite effective at dispatching Sauvojen tuntija, as most of their projectiles won't be able to escape, it is not advised to use it on them. Since the boss is capable of copying your projectiles, the boss will end up releasing a large burst of black holes in all directions.
  • With Nolla the spell can instantly remove terrain in a circle as well as deal little damage to you.
  • It is possible to make this spell infinite lifetime. Albeit very dangerous. 25 Reduce Lifetime and 2 Ping-Pong Path work excellently. Keep in mind it is only at a 6% chance per cast to become infinite.

Locating The Spell

The Scale where the spell is located. (Normally, due to the random nature of world generation, one of the orbs might be on the ground next to its respective arm.)

The spell can be found placed atop a large scale located east of the Pyramid in the Desert. On the Scale are two orbs made out of gem. The left orb is yellow in color and the right orb is deep blue in color. Both resemble the Sun and Dark Sun respectively from the Uusi Aurinko questline. Once the Omega Black Hole spell has spawned here it will unlock it for future runs.

Making the Sun/Dark Sun will make the corresponding Gems on the Celestial Scale appear in new runs.


The black hole created by the spell.
An unlucky noita dying to a burst of black holes made by Sauvojen tuntija
Omega Black Hole.gif
Wand Appearance with Omega Black Hole x3.

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