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For a guide to downloading and enabling non-Steam-mods, see How to install mods. For information about creating mods, see Modding.

Welcome to the Mod section! An area highlighting some of Noita's mods.

There are 900+ more in the Steam workshop, Modworkshop, and Nexusmods, so do explore beyond the few below!

Mods with more info

QoL Mod

Letaali's QoL Mod fixes many bugs in the vanilla game.

Spell Lab

Goki's Spell Lab is a wand building playground and tutorial mod. It is designed for testing and learning about the wand system. It also includes a "challenge / tutorial system" that you can go through to learn more about wand building

Noita Together

Main article: Noita Together

Noita Together is a mod by Soler that enables you to play Noita "with" other people. It's more like overlapping dimensions, rather than true multiplayer.

Twitch Integration

There are various mods for this, in addition to the default Twitch Integration game-mode.

Streamer Wands

Allows you to constantly share your wands to a site your Twitch viewers can see. Examples: daa130's, Aliasbot's, or DunkOrSlam's most recent wands

Arachnophobia fix

This mod makes the legs invisible. They will still hurt you.


Get your pride on!

  • Pride Tablet - Just changes the color of the tablet. Pretty!
  • Pride Glimmers - Adds 14 new glimmer modifiers themed after various pride flags. (Note: This will affect the vanilla game, by changing the pool of spells that can appear in shops/wands.)
  • Gay Rainbow Replacement - Replaces the word 'Rainbow' with 'Gay'


(Add yours!)