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For a guide to downloading and enabling non-Steam-mods, see How to install mods. For information about creating mods, see Modding.

Welcome to the Mod section! An area highlighting some of Noita's mods.

There are 900+ more in the Steam workshop, Modworkshop, and Nexusmods, so do explore beyond the few below!

Mods with more info

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Other Languages!

Most Translation-Only mods should not trigger mod restrictions, allowing users of them to still find secrets and unlock achievements without being hindered by the language barrier.

English language tweaks

There are a few English variant language mods:

QoL Mods

  • Letaali's QoL Mod - Fixes many bugs in the vanilla game.
  • Camera Zoom - Allows for more control over the camera's zoom level
  • Vampirism% - Makes Vampirism heal a percentage of your health rather than a static amount. Amount required for full heal is 3500 pixels by default (3.5 flasks)
  • Crassus - Faster Gold Powder Pick Up - Lets you pick up gold dust faster
  • Items work in inventory - Causes items that normally only give effects when held to no longer require the player to have it in hand, such as the Kiuaskivi's fire resistance
  • Death Cam - Allows you to pan the camera-view around on the death screens.


  • Goki's Spell Lab - While it is an old and often critiqued mod, it is the most effective in-game wand-building tool out there, generally used by most wand builders
  • Conjurer - Similar to Spell Lab, it is an imperfect and ancient mod, but a very useful sandbox that allows for creating and destroying terrain and entities alike, having basic support for additional mods. It has many tools making it handy for Noita Architecture, Mod Testing and generally just playing around.
  • Wand Dbg - a tool to help you understand and create complex wands and spell combinations. It features an animated deck visualizations, spell flowcharts, and a list of all cast state information.
  • CheatGUI - A handy mod that brings up, as the name suggests, a Cheat GUI. It's a fairly rudimentary mod that lets the player teleport, heal and spawn wands, flasks and items and even lets you control your gold
  • See also: Modding: Useful Tools#Useful Mods


Main article: Multiplayer

It should be noted that while there are no current "True Noita Multiplayer" options available, this is not for lack of trying. Below are some notable mods that have either partial multiplayer or are in the works.

  • Noita Together - Rather than being "True Multiplayer", it opts for a sharing resources sort of approach. Players will generally play their own independent runs and be able to share things such as health, money and wands. There are many configurable options available as well.
  • Noita Arena - Is a more PvP oriented multiplayer mod that pits players alike against one another to fight to the death. While Noita Arena is somewhat closer to "True Multiplayer" than Noita Together, it only synchronizes the player movements and spells cast.
  • Noita COOP - Allows for couch coop (need more info)
  • Noita Multiplayer - Currently the only known ongoing attempt at True Multiplayer support for Noita. It is currently not accessible to the public, nor is it in a working state. Currently the project is in a small slump due to a technical difficulty that has arisen related finding a match from servers entity to clients entity.
  • Iota Multiplayer - Like SimpleCOOP, provides local multiplayer mode, allow users using gamepad/keyboard to control multiple players on a same PC (Need install M-Nee as library)

Twitch Integration

There are various mods for this, in addition to the default Twitch Integration game-mode.

Streamer Wands

Allows you to constantly share your wands to a site your Twitch viewers (or friends!) can see. Examples: daa130's, Luthimir's, or DunkOrSlam's most recent wands



Get your pride on! Alongside Noita's Rainbow Trail and Rainbow Glimmer, here are some additions to make the game more colourful.


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