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Mod Description

This mod adds a number of vanilla-inspired biomes that occasionally replace normal biomes at the start of a new run. This mod is heavily inspired by games such as The Binding of Isaac and Risk of Rain which feature similar mechanics.


  • 14 new biomes
  • 33 new enemies (including 1 miniboss)A general overview of each biome can be viewed here:

Planned features

  • Alternates for biomes that currently don't have one.
  • Multiple alternates for each core biome
  • More enemies/bosses
  • New secrets and structures

Known issues

  • The transition backgrounds between modded biomes will sometimes be misaligned or missing.
  • Enemies appear as "???" in progress menu even after being discovered.


  • Concepts: Myself
  • Art: Myself, Nolla Games
  • Scripts: Myself, Nolla Games


This mod is a work in progress, but should play nicely with other biome mods such as Noitavania and Nightmare Mode (not fully tested). If you do find any compatibility issues it is not likely I will be able to fix them, though feel free to report them. You can modify the chance for a modded biome to appear in settings, 0.0 being never spawn, 1.0 being always spawn. I do not typically take suggestions but you can still comment them if you wish. If you choose to leave a suggestion keep it clear, concise, and small in scope. I am only one person, and may not have the time or knowledge to implement your ideas.

Biome List

Some enemies may be missing from the list below.

Aquifer - Mines Alt

Water pipes spew an endless amount of water creating flooded areas that can be difficult to navigate. These pipes can be destroyed to stop the flow of water. Utilize drainage pipes to drain large areas and make them easier to navigate.

Tainted Mines - Collapsed Mines Alt

The floor of this biome is littered with pools of toxic sludge and is populated with many toxic sludge and acid based enemies. Avoid passing through if you do not have a source of water.

Blast Pit - Coal Pits Alt

The floor of this biome is sparsely populated by unstable crystals and pools of berserkium. Exhibit extreme caution when using explosive spells and moving about the level.

Overgrown Laboratory - Fungal Caverns Alt

This biome is covered in loose potions, clouds of mist, and pools of magic liquid. Avoid falling into places where you do not have clear sight.

Frozen Passages - Snowy Depths Alt

The ground in this biome has pockets of conductive metal. Watch out for electrical enemies and traps while traversing over conductive materials.

Crypt - Magical Temple Alt

Like Magical Temple, this biome is obscured by darkness. Watch out for enemies that can potentially shock and freeze you. Be careful when shooting down long corridors, hitting a sarcophagus may wake the unruly undead within it.

Hiisi Village - Hiisi Base Alt

The infrastructure of Hiisi Village is highly flammable. Burning walls can open sightlines for unseen threats such as snipers and turrets. Make use of extinguishers to extinguish or start fires.

Underground Swamp - Underground Jungle Alt

The ground of this biome is full of swamp growths that produce large amounts of flammable gas. Be careful around these clouds, and use them to your advantage. Large pools of swampy water can obscure enemies and objects from view.

Worm Tunnels - Lukki Lair Alt

Many enemies in this area bleed slowing slime, are capable of doing high amounts of melee damage, and are efficient tunnelers. Watch your step and keep yourself dry.

The Forge - Vault Alt

Sources of fire are plentiful in this biome, make sure to manage your stains to insure as little fire damage as possible. Destroy traps from a safe distance, or when it is wise to do so.

Holy Temple - Temple of the Art Alt

Exhibit extreme caution when fighting around giant runestones. They can just as easily kill you as they can enemies. Try to not get cornered by trapper phantoms or magical barriers, since they can easily allow for your enemies to catch up and attack you.

Tomb - Sandcave Alt

A multitude of dangerous enemies inhabit this area. Avoid shooting sarcophagi if you are not prepared to fight.

The Void - The Work (Below) Alt

The enemies of this area have a very high projectile damage output.

Floating Mountain - The Work (Above) Alt

The majority of the enemies in this area possess the ability to freeze you.