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Status effects are various positive or negative afflictions that can affect most creatures in the world, including yourself, separately from perks. Status effects can be gained by coming in contact with or consuming potions and materials, certain attacks from enemies, and some spells. All status effects have their full power applied so long as you have at least one second or one percent of stain remaining. Some status effects can be applied multiple times, mainly effects caused by drinking and staining in the same material, and negative effects caused by attacks.

Note that some potions will give a different status effect when consumed rather than stained in, most commonly causing vomiting instead. Some perks also have effects similar to status effects, or themselves give you status effects.

When you exit and re-enter the game, some effects always get doubled. This can be exploited to double some effects such as Greased Lightning, Haavoittajamestari's Heartache, and Hungry Ghost's Extra modifiers.

Some enemies have built-in immunities to certain status effects.

List of status effects

Icon Name In-game description Effect Sources Notes
Effect Wet.png
Wet Wet clothes protect you from fire. Prevents ignition. Is depleted by contact with fire.
Effect Bloody.png
Bloody Bloody clothes protect you from fire.

You sense an increased chance of attaining critical hits.

Prevents ignition; increases chance to deal critical damage. Is depleted by contact with fire.
Effect Oiled.png
Oiled Oil makes you slippery and more flammable. You lose traction while on the ground (and will even slide down slopes) and will stay on fire for much longer. Being both wet/bloody and oiled will allow you to ignite when in fire, but extinguish immediately after leaving the fire.
Effect On fire.png
On Fire! You're on fire. Find some water! You quickly lose health (2% of Max HP per second). Enemies affected by this are too occupied to attack you. Creatures affected by this move 15% faster. Despite the description, immersion in nearly any liquid (including oil) will extinguish you.

Can be blocked with the Oil Blood, Freeze Field, and Fire Immunity perks

Effect internal fire.png
Internal Fire You're burning inside. Cause: <cause> Ignites you. Damage continues even when submerged. Consuming other substances does not put out the internal fire.
Effect ingestion freezing.png
Chilly You're feeling cold inside. Movement is difficult. Cause: <cause> Slowed movement.
Effect Frozen.png
Frozen You are frozen solid. You are unable to move. When Frozen, taking any melee damage, regardless of if it deals damage or heals, will reduce the target's current HP by 50%[1].

If the frozen target has 25% max HP or less, a melee hit will kill them instantly.

Effect Electrocution.png
Stunned Paralyzed and unable to act. You are unable to move.
  • Electrical shocks from spells or other effects
Can be blocked with Electricity and Electricity Immunity perks
Effect knockback star.png

(Placeholder Name)

You cannot levitate or respond to movement inputs.
  • Taking damage from projectiles or melee while flying.
Effect blindness.png
Blinded You can barely see a thing! Causes you to be blinded for 20 seconds, only able to see a small distance around yourself, however, enemy parts that glow such as eyes will still be visible.
Effect twitchy.png
Twitchy Your hand spasms randomly! Causes you to fire your wand automatically at random intervals, and makes any projectiles fired able to hit you. If you're holding an item like your flask to wait out the status effect, you'll shoot once when you switch to you wand even after the status effect is over.
Effect neutralized.png
Neutralized spells Projectile spells you fire will short-circuit. You cannot fire projectile spells. Spells fired by you disappear immediately after firing - explosive spells will detonate on the spot.
Effect hearty.png
Heartache Your maximum health is temporarily halved. Maximum and current health are divided by 2 for the duration of the effect to preserve the ratio. Can be used to obtain a lot more health from Extra Max Health. See Heartache exploit.
Effect Vulnerable.png
Vulnerable Your resistances and protective perks are disabled temporarily. Damage multipliers for the main Damage Types (drill, electricity, explosion, fire, ice, melee, projectile, slice, toxic) will temporarily be set to 1.2; additionally, the protection provided (but not other effects) of some perks such as Explosion Immunity, Electricity Immunity, Electricity, and Stainless Armour are disabled
Effect gravity field.png
Personal Gravity Field You attract projectiles for a while
Effect Slimy.png
Slimy Your slimy clothes protect you from fire. The mucus makes moving around difficult. Slows movement. Prevents ignition. Is depleted by contact with fire. The slower movement can be blocked by the Slime Blood perk
Effect Radioactive.png
Toxic Toxic Sludge in your clothes makes your health degrade slowly. Wet clothes protect you from fire. Can be washed off by liquids. Slowly degrades your health by 2% of max HP per tick. Prevents ignition. Is depleted by contact with fire. Will at most reduce you to a certain percentage of your max health but cannot kill you on its own. Blocked by the Toxic Immunity and Gas Blood perks.
Effect Alcoholic.png
Alcoholic The heavy scent of booze oozes off your clothes. Aiming is disturbed. And alcohol is flammable too! Your spells have increased spread. You ignite more easily.
Effect drunk.png
Tipsy You're feeling a little tipsy. Cause: <cause> Your spells have slightly increased spread. Happens when accumulating less than 15s of Drunkenness Technically you could reach the higher severities with a lot of Alcohol, but you'd heavily oversatiate yourself by then.
You drank too much. Aiming is disturbed. Cause: <cause>. Your spells have increased spread. Happens when accumulating over 15s of Drunkenness but less than 45s.
You drank too much. Aiming is disturbed. Drinking more will make you poisoned. Cause: <cause> Your spells have increased spread. Blurry vision. Happens when accumulating over 45 seconds of Drunkenness. Drinking past 60s will poison you for every second over along with causing sporadic vomiting. Vomiting removes the Poisoned effect.
Effect Poisoned.png
Poisoned A poisoning slowly degrades your health. You slowly lose health. Like toxic sludge, the stain can only reduce your health to a certain percentage when in New Game; in New Game Plus it can be fatal.
Effect Jarated.png
Jarated Wet clothes protect you from fire. You sense an increased danger of being hit with a critical. Helps prevent ignition, effected enemies are more likely to receive critical damage. The rarity of Urine Jars limits the usefulness of the critical damage effect.

A direct reference to Jarate from Team Fortress 2, a weapon used by the sniper which throws a jar of urine that makes enemies stained with it always take critical damage. Since you can't receive a critical hit, there are no downsides to dousing the world in Urine.

Effect food poisoning.png
Food Poisoning You're feeling sick. nothing stays inside. Cause: <cause> You occasionally vomit, producing the vomit material and losing 10% satiation every time. Any effects from ingesting besides Wasted will be lost upon vomiting. This status can actually be beneficial as it allows you to consume more material and disables the effects of consumed poison (but also beneficial effects gained through consumption.) Otherwise harmless.
Effect farts.png
Gassy You're feeling pressure inside. Cause: <cause> You will periodically release flammable gas.
Effect nightvision.png
Wormy Vision You're seeing things more clearly. Cause: <cause> Grants the ability to see into the darkness, including magical darkness. Color shifting vision. Players may find the visual effect unpleasant.
Effect satiation 00.png
Minimally Satiated Your stomach is almost empty
  • Eating and drinking (anything that doesn't cause Food Poisoning).
Effect satiation 01.png
Satiated You can still fit more in your stomach. Occurs past 25% satiation.
Effect satiation 02.png
Fully Satiated You're feeling full. Any more will make movement difficult. Occurs past 90% satiation.
Effect satiation 03.png
Oversatiated You're feeling really full Clumsy Movement is added. Occurs past 100% satiation.
Effect ingestion movement slower.png
Clumsy Movement Movement is difficult. Cause: Overeating Slows movement. From becoming Oversatiated. Blocked by the Iron Stomach perk.
Effect satiation 04.png
Terribly Oversatiated You're feeling sickly full. Any more food might hurt you Occurs past 140% satiation.
Effect satiation 05.png
Choking You're feeling sickly full and choking. Occurs past 150% satiation.
Effect satiation choking.png
Choking Any more food will hurt you. Cause: Overeating Eating decreases health. From reaching Choking. Blocked by the Iron Stomach perk.
Effect satiation 06.png
Choking and Bloated You most certainly don't feel like eating more Occurs past 175% satiation.
Effect ingestion damage.png
Bursting at the Seams You're feeling so slow you might explode. Cause: Overeating A text appears that says "You are feeling like you'll soon explode" and "You are bursting at the seams." You explode and die at 200% satiation. From reaching Choking and Bloated. Blocked by the Iron Stomach perk.
Effect trip.png
Tripping You sense that something is off. Cause: <cause> Audio is distorted. Vision shifts.
Tripping Some
You feel in harmony with the magic. Cause: <cause> Audio is distorted. Vision changes colors and shifts. Happens when accumulating 30s of Tripping.
Heavily Tripping
Maan, that color smells interesting. Cause: <cause> Audio is distorted. Vision changes colors, shifts, and swirls. Happens when accumulating 90s of Tripping.
Tripping Balls
Usual concepts don't apply. Cause: <cause> Audio is distorted. Vision changes color, shifts, swirls, and moves. Visions of 3 eyes appear. Causes vomiting. Happens when accumulating 180s of Tripping. After reaching around 300 seconds of this effect, the sky shade is changing from pink to yellow (repeating) and swirl and moving vision disappears.
Effect curse cloud.png
Rain Curse You feel like there is a dark cloud hanging over you. A rain cloud follows you for the duration.
Thunder Curse
The weight of the cloud is almost unbearable. Your head hurts. A thunder cloud follows you for the duration, caused when accumulating 14s of Rain Curse from eating Cursed Meat
Acid Rain Curse
All the foul thoughts you have ever had wash over you. An acid cloud follows you for the duration, caused when accumulating 44s of Thunder Curse from eating Cursed Meat
Effect Berserk.png
Berserk A berserk curse affects you. Spells deal double damage and have doubled blast radius, and certain spells are able to damage terrain that they couldn't before. Enemies become aggressive to any other enemies affected by this status effect. Creatures allied to you (usually through eggs or the Summon Egg spell) will attack you if you are under this effect.
Effect Polymorph.png
Polymorph You're a sheep. You turn into a type of sheep. Can be blocked by eating Muodonmuutosmestari corpses
Effect Polymorph random.png
Chaos Polymorph A polymorph curse affects you. You turn into nearly any creature in the game.
Effect Polymorph random.png
Chaos Polymorph (unstable) A polymorph curse affects you. You turn into a random Hiisi enemy.
Effect protection polymorph.png
Polymorph Immunity You cannot be polymorphed.

Cause: <cause>

You are immune to polymorph effects.
Effect Invisibility.png
Invisible The magical liquid on your clothes makes you invisible. The spell is disturbed by stained or wet clothes. Turns you transparent, ignored by most enemies (see Invisibility#Interactions for exceptions).

Enemies under this effect are similarly transparent and so can still be seen if looking carefully.

Using a wand, kicking, or taking damage also disables the effect for a few seconds. Also silences footsteps and the levitation sound effect.
Effect Charm.png
Charmed A charm affects you. Causes most creatures to become friendly. Has no noticeable effect on you.
Effect Hp regeneration.png
Regeneration A health regeneration spell affects you. Heals you for 10% of your max HP per second.
Effect confusion.png
Confused You feel confused. Swaps horizontal movement.
Effect worm attractor.png
Worm Food You feel like you're future worm food. Makes worms in the world think you are food and attracts them to you
Effect Teleportation.png
Teleportitis You teleport uncontrollably every now and then. Teleports you in the direction of the cursor, or randomly if blocked.
Effect Teleportation.png
Teleportitis (unstable) You teleport uncontrollably every now and then. Teleports you randomly.
Effect protection all.png
Protection from all You feel strength in your body. Blocks damage from all sources
  • Ambrosia stains (drinking causes food poisoning instead).
  • Completing the 34-Orb Ending
Wears off extremely fast when moving or falling.
Effect movement faster.png
Greased Lightning You feel extremely fast. Increases movement speed.
Effect faster levitation.png
Faster Levitation You levitate 75% faster You levitate 75% faster.
Effect mana regeneration.png
Mana Regeneration You gain mana back faster. You regenerate mana 4x faster. Wears off fairly fast.
Effect farts.png
Rainbow farts Open your eyes, I see
Your eyes are open
Wear no disguise for me
Come into the open
Cause: Ingesting Rainbow
You will periodically release Unicorn farts (rainbow gas). This message is part of the song lyrics from Erasure's "Always", which was used as the soundtrack to the Adult Swim game Robot Unicorn Attack.
Effect homing shooter.png
Self-homing Spells Your spells home towards yourself for a time. An effect similar to Boomerang
Effect movement slower.png
Slower Movement You move slower for a time. Slowed movement.
Effect wither.png
Wither You're temporarily more vulnerable to all damage types. The main Damage Types will all deal more damage (drill, electricity, explosion, fire, ice, melee, projectile, slice, toxic)
Effect vulnerable.png
Weakened Your resistances and protective perks are disabled temporarily. Applies the Wither and Vulnerable status effects
Effect curse wither electricity.png
Weakening Curse - Electricity You take 25% extra damage from electricity.
Effect curse wither explosion.png
Weakening Curse - Explosives You take 25% extra damage from explosions.
Effect curse wither melee.png
Weakening Curse - Melee You take 25% extra damage from melee attacks.
Effect curse wither projectile.png
Weakening Curse - Projectiles You take 25% extra damage from projectiles.
Effect antigravity.png
Effect bouncy shots.png
Bouncy shots
Effect cloud oil.png
Cloud oil
Effect cloud water.png
Cloud water
Effect contact damage.png
Contact damage
Effect damage plus.png
Damage plus
Effect damage plus small.png
Damage plus small
Effect deflection.png
Effect disc bullet.png
Disc bullet
Effect explosive shots.png
Explosive shots
Effect fireball ray.png
Fireball ray
Effect gravity.png
Effect greed curse.png
Greed curse
Effect heal ghost.png
Heal ghost
Effect high spread.png
High spread
Effect homing.png
Effect mammi eater.png
The Loathsome Mämmi Eater You have gained a persistent nickname.
Cause: Ingesting mämmi.
Ingesting Mämmi The name of the status effect is a direct reference to a character from the video game Elden Ring known as Dung Eater. In the introductory cutscene of the game they are referred to by the narrator as 'The loathsome Dung Eater.' This phrase became an internet meme after the game's initial launch, likely leading to its inclusion in Noita.
Effect matter eater.png
Matter eater
Effect nuke.png
Effect satiation damage.png
Satiation damage
Effect scared.png
Effect shield.png
Effect shield ghost.png
Shield ghost
Effect slow bullets.png
Slow bullets
Effect tiny ghost.png
Tiny ghost
Effect trail acid.png
Trail acid
Effect trail alcohol.png
Trail alcohol
Effect trail fire.png
Trail fire
Effect trail gunpowder.png
Trail gunpowder
Effect trail lava.png
Trail lava
Effect trail oil.png
Trail oil
Effect trail poison.png
Trail poison
Effect trail water.png
Trail water
Effect weakness.png
Weakness Causes creatures to take 10x damage from most sources

Trivia and Tips

  • The Food Poisoning effect is particularly useful for emptying your stomach in case you needs to consume a lot of material in a short amount of time.
  • Take care when immersing yourself in a potion for its beneficial effect, as the stains will not protect you from fire. However, complete immersion in a potion will at least extinguish any fire you have on yourself.
  • The explosion from extreme overeating is larger than the standard bomb spell.
  • Before the Feast Update, players could consume an unlimited amount of material, with damage being the only harmful effect.
  • Many stains can be retained for longer by simply not moving.
  • Obtaining a flask of solid or powder material not normally found in flasks (usually through cheats) and that doesn't already have consumption effect (snow) and "drinking" it from the flasks will only fill satiation, but otherwise have no other effect.
  • The urine's stain – Jarated – is a reference to Team Fortress 2, a free-to-play class shooter. One of the playable characters, the Sniper, can throw a jar of urine, also called "Jarate". It causes similar effects to the ones shown in Noita: makes enemies susceptible to mini crits (which make attacks deal 35% more damage) and can extinguish teammates who are on fire.


Extended Stains - Noita - B.I.G. - Nymphspyre

Stain Bug/Glitch/Exploit - Noita - Nymphspyre


  • Dec 19 2019: Added Confused, Greased lightning, Worm food, Protection from all, and Mana regeneration status effects.
  • Nov 28 2019: Reduced blinded duration from 30s to 20s.


  1. Using the Weakening Curse trick with melee weakening curse, you can heal from melee damage. Having a melee damage multiplier of exactly zero will prevent you from taking damage while frozen, but having a negative multiplier will not.