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Flammable Gas is a non-toxic, green gaseous Material emitted from Acid corrosion. It can also be emitted from players with the Effect farts.png Gassy status effect or Gas Blood perk. It is extremely flammable and gathers in large pockets as it floats up into the ceiling.

As Acid is fairly prevalent throughout Noita this gas can be found in most biomes, though more commonly in biomes that generate with containers of Acid as part of the terrain. Sealed areas filled with concentrated amounts of Flammable Gas can be found in the Fungal Caverns, usually near several pedestals with Flasks, as well as certain structures in the Snowy Depths.


Although the gas is safe for all creatures to touch, remaining immersed in it can cause suffocation. Flammable gas can be distinguished by sight from Toxic Gas by its brighter color and lack of greenish glowing aura.

When flammable gas is generated as part of a static structure (for example, in certain structures in the Fungal Caverns or Snowy Depths), it is generated as a static, motionless variant that is otherwise similar to normal Flammable Gas. This static variant will gradually turn itself into regular Flammable Gas over time if it comes into contact with Air.


Flammable gas is common and relatively safe. Although it can catch fire and set you alight, the gas immediately burns away, so you can extinguish yourself with a quick splash of water without worrying about relighting. The gas will ignite on contact with Torch, Electric Torch, Kiuaskivi, and Ukkoskivi.

Since setting most enemies Effect on fire.png On fire! prevents them from attacking, one can ignite a nearby pocket of gas to disable an entire group of enemies.

Remember that fire spreads to many other objects, potentially releasing a flood of flaming oil, detonating explosive mushrooms, and turning gunpowder boxes into time bombs. Find cover before lighting up a cloud.

It's always a good idea to douse yourself in water before passing through a large cloud of gas, in case it catches fire before you can find safety.

Keep an eye on your oxygen meter, especially if you're moving directly from water to a gas cloud. Prepare yourself in advance to ignite the gas in an emergency.

Be very cautious around plumes of gas in The Vault. If set ablaze, the flame can travel down the column and detonate the machinery emitting it.


Reaction Rate Reagents Products
50 [acid] + [corrodible] [acid] + Flammable Gas
10 [acid] + Air Flammable Gas + Air
12 [acid] + Flammable Gas Flammable Gas + Air
100 Diminution + Flammable Gas Diminution + Diminution
70 Flammable Gas (Static) + Air Flammable Gas (Static) + Flammable Gas
10 Flammable Gas (Static) + Air Flammable Gas + Air
40 [fire] + Flammable Gas [fire] + Fire
80 [lava] + Flammable Gas [lava] + Fire


Acid creates Flammable Gas as it corrodes other materials.

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