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Spell quantum split.png This article is about the material. For the spell, see Water (Spell). For the biome, see Water (Biome).

Water is a translucent, deep blue liquid material that is often one of the first materials in Noita you will interact with. Your very first session of Noita will start off with a Water Potion, although this starting flask will be filled with a random selection of liquids in subsequent sessions.


  • Like most liquids, water is affected by gravity[1], conducts electricity, and can be stored in Potion flasks.
  • It will extinguish entities that are Effect on fire.png On fire!, turn Lava into Rock, and purify Toxic Sludge.
  • Water's Effect wet.png Wet stain will prevent creatures from catching Effect on fire.png On fire!, although the stain is gradually consumed in the presence of Fire.
    • Like all stains, it will gradually dry off while moving.
  • Drinking water is generally harmless but will increase your Satiation level.
  • In Hot biomes, water exposed to the air gradually evaporates into Steam,
  1. With the exception of water_static which does not move, although this variant of water does not appear in the released version of Noita.

Chilly Water

Chilly Water is another variant of water that mainly is created when Snow mixes with Water. It is very quick to freeze into Ice in cold areas, but in warm areas it will quickly be converted back into regular water.

Fading Water

A variant of water with the specific ID water_fading is continuously emitted by Märkiäinen. It behaves similarly to regular water, but will quickly evaporate into nothing if left exposed to air.


All types of water become highly dangerous hazards in the presence of electricity. Avoid contact with water while holding wands in hand that contain electric spells like Lightning Bolt or Electric Torch, or while any electrical enemies such as Ukko are nearby. Electrocution is one of the fastest ways to be killed, and large bodies of water will pose a significant hazard as soon as anything electrical is in contact with the water.

Be extremely cautious opening Chests that appear underwater; they can occasionally contain Ukkoskivi, which will quickly kill unsuspecting players. It is best to open such chests by simply attacking them from a safe location instead, only venturing into the water once the contents of the chest are known. It is possible to grab an Ukkoskivi out of the water in between bursts of electricity but doing so can be difficult to time correctly. Due to the paralysis effect electricity causes, a misstep is usually fatal; if at all possible, water should be emptied to another location before picking up an Ukkoskivi.

Suffocation is also a significant hazard in larger bodies of water, or when trapped underwater by enemies or falling debris. As a last resort, careful use of explosive Spells can consume water and attempt to provide some breathing room for a short period of time.


Water is one of the most accessible and useful survival tools in Noita, being useful for many key purposes:

  • It can be used by you to put yourself out if on fire, as well as keep yourself Effect wet.png Wet and thus safe from the ever-present danger of Fire.
    • Being Effect wet.png Wet can allow you to dash directly through large swathes of fire without taking much damage, if any, and not catching alight.
  • Water also turns Lava to Rock, which is both useful for traversing large bodies of lava, as well as invaluable for dealing with enemies like Stendari which bleed the highly dangerous liquid.
  • Most fire-based enemies are susceptible to being damaged and killed from contact with sufficient quantities of Water.
  • Water will quickly neutralise Toxic Sludge, allowing you to traverse otherwise hazardous deposits of the sickly green liquid without risking your health.
  • Concentrated Mana will quickly consume water to produce more of itself, allowing the magical liquid to be generated at will. However, Concentrated Mana will neither purify Toxic Sludge nor be particularly useful in extinguishing fire, so it's a good idea to ensure you always have some water for when it's needed.


  • Prior to "The Feast" patch in late April, 2020, there was no limit as to how much liquid you could consume, resulting in players routinely draining the Dark Cave and other locations of water for safer travel by simply drinking it all.



Reactions where water evaporates into Steam or disappears, and where Steam condenses back into water.

Reaction Rate Reagents Products
20 [fire] + Water [fire] + Steam
80 [lava] + Water Rock (Static) + Steam
80 [lava] + Chilly Water Rock (Static) + Steam
80 [lava] + Water (Fading) Rock (Static) + Steam
20 [meltable] + Water [meltable] + Steam
2 Water (Fading) + Air Air + Air
10 Steam (Trailer) + [static] Water + [static]
3 Steam + [static] Water + [static]


Reactions where Ice or Snow melts into water.

Reaction Rate Reagents Products
40 [fire] + Ice (Powder/Static) [fire] + Water
80 [fire] + Snow [fire] + Water
80 [fire] + Packed Snow [fire] + Water
60 [fire] + [meltable_to_water] [fire] + Water
60 [lava] + [meltable_to_water] [lava] + Water
1 Ice (Powder/Static) + Air Water + Air
5 Snow + Toxic Sludge Water + Toxic Sludge
20 Snow + Urine Water + Steam
1 Water + Ice (Powder/Static) Water + Chilly Water
1 Water + [ice] Water + Chilly Water


Reactions where Water is cooled into Chilly Water which freezes into Ice.

Reaction Rate Reagents Products
35 Chilly Water + Ice (Powder/Static) + Air Ice (Static) + Ice (Static)
35 Chilly Water + Packed Snow + Air Ice (Static) + Packed Snow
35 Chilly Water + Frozen Rock + Air Ice (Static) + Frozen Rock
10 Frozen Rock + Water Frozen Rock + Chilly Water
8 Ice (Powder/Static) + Water Ice (Static) + Chilly Water
10 Ice (Powder) + Chilly Water Ice (Static) + Ice (Static)
6 Packed Snow + Water Packed Snow + Chilly Water
4 Snow (Sticky) + Water + Air Snow (Sticky) + Chilly Water
90 Freezing Liquid + Water Freezing Liquid + Ice


Reactions that purify other substances into water, mainly Toxic Sludge.

Reaction Rate Reagents Products
20 Brine + Toxic Sludge Brine + Water
15 Chilly Water + Toxic Sludge + Air Chilly Water + Chilly Water
15 Water (Static) + Toxic Sludge Water (Static) + Water
13 Water + Toxic Sludge Water + Water
21 Invisiblium + Water Water + Water
80 Purifying Powder + [impure] Purifying Powder + Water


Reactions where water gets absorbed into something, leaving only one material behind.

Reaction Rate Reagents Products
100 Cement + Water Concrete + Air
100 Water + Cement Concrete + Air
10 Fungal Spore (Seed) + Water + Air Fungal Spore + Air
1 Fungal Spore + Water + Air Fungal Spore + Air
80 Plant Seed + Water Plant Material + Air
5 Water + Soil Air + Mud

Other Reactions

Reaction Rate Reagents Products
25 Concentrated Mana + Water Concentrated Mana + Concentrated Mana
100 Copper + Brass + Water Silver + Smoke + Smoke
5 Damp Rock + Air Damp Rock + Water (Fading)
5 Salt + Water Air + Brine
5 Salt + Chilly Water Air + Brine
1 Swamp + Water Swamp + Swamp (Water)
10 Water + [slime] Water + Slime Mist
10 Water + Soil (Lush) Swamp + Soil
10 Water + Fungal Soil Swamp + Soil
60 Diminution + Berserkium Diminution + Water
80 Pus + Water Pus + Pus

Inherited From Tags

Reaction Rate Reagents Products
50 [acid] + Water [acid] + Flammable Gas
50 [molten_metal] + Water Metal Dust + Water
1 [rust_box2d] + Water [rust_box2d] + Water
1 [rust_oxide] + Water [rust_oxide] + Water
1 [rust] + Water Rusted Metal + Water
2 Water + Liquid Fire Fire + Liquid Fire
20 Burning Powder + Water Burning Powder + Fire
100 Frozen Steel + Water Frozen Steel + Ice
2 Grass (Dry) + Water Grass + Air
50 Molten Brass + Water Brass + Steam
50 Molten Copper + Water Copper + Steam
50 Molten Gold + Water Gold + Steam
50 Molten Metal (Steel) + Water Steel (Powder) + Steam
50 Molten Silver + Water Silver + Steam
50 Molten Wax + Water Wax + Steam
50 Odd Brickwork + Water Smoke + Teleportatium
50 Sodium + Water Sodium + Steam


Vat of water found in the Mines.
Lots of water found at the Lake.
Water neutralizes Toxic Sludge, turning into more water.
Water can be produced by purifying 'impure' liquids with Purifying Powder.

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  • Oct 11 2019: Reactions involving Purifying Powder were added.