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Lava is a highly dangerous liquid Material which can ignite and melt many other materials.


Lava flows about as quickly as water, causing massive contact damage to entities in addition to the Effect on fire.png On fire debuff. Fire Immunity does not negate the contact damage. Being submerged in lava will nearly always kill anything that enters, as very few creatures are immune to it, most notably enemies found in The Work (Hell), those who use it as blood, as well as ethereal enemies like the Kalmamato in the Temple of the Art. Drinking Lava will cause Effect internal fire.png Internal fire which cannot be put out by any means. Being fully submerged in a liquid will remove the flaming animation, but not the damage.



Lava will bleed from these enemies. It can also bleed from the Tulikärpänen hives found in the Coal Pits.



Reactions that set fire or burn materials to smoke or air.

Reaction Rate Reagents Products
100 [fire] + [meltable_by_fire] Lava + Smoke
80 [evaporable_by_fire] + Lava Air + Lava
80 [evaporable_custom] + Lava [evaporable_custom]_vapour + Lava
0 Lava + Air Smoke + Air
8 Lava + [burnable] Lava + Fire
80 Lava + [burnable_fast] Lava + Fire
3 Lava + [meltable_to_lava] Smoke + Fire
80 Lava + [meltable_to_lava_fast] Smoke + Lava
8 Lava + Gunpowder (Inert) Lava + Fire
8 Lava + Gunpowder Lava + Fire


Reactions that melt material into a molten variant. This melts most metals into a molten variant of that metal, see the tags for lists of meltable metals.

Reaction Rate Reagents Products
60 Lava + [meltable_to_water] Lava + Water
80 Lava + [meltable_to_acid] Lava + Acid
80 Lava + [meltable_to_cold] Lava + Freezing Liquid
80 Lava + [meltable_to_radioactive] Lava + Toxic Sludge
80 Lava + [meltable_to_poison] Lava + Poison
30 [meltable_metal_generic] + Lava Molten Metal Dust + Lava
80 [meltable_metal] + Lava [meltable_metal]_molten + Lava
80 [meltable] + Lava [meltable]_molten + Lava


Reactions that result in the lava hardening into a variant of rock. Some rock materials will have the [meltable_to_lava] tag which causes lava to eat away at it, eventually causing it to disappear.

Reaction Rate Reagents Products
20 Freezing Liquid + Lava Freezing Vapour + Dense Rock
100 Frozen Steel + Lava Steel + Volcanic Rock
80 Lava + Water Rock (Mossy) + Steam
80 Lava + Chilly Water Rock (Mossy) + Steam
80 Lava + Mud Ground + Steam
80 Lava + Brine Glowing Matter + Steam
70 Lava + Blood Volcanic Rock + Steam
70 Lava + [radioactive] Toxic Rock + Toxic Gas
70 Lava + Urine Fool's Gold + Steam
70 Lava + Poison Poisonous Rock + Poison Gas

Other Reactions

Reaction Rate Reagents Products
50 Odd Brickwork + [fire] Steam + Lava
100 Purifying Powder + Lava Gunpowder (Unstable) + Gunpowder (Unstable)
70 Lava + [regenerative] Lava + Healium
80 Lava + Excrement Soil + Nauseating Gas
20 Cactus + Lava Funky Vapour + Lava
60 Whiskey + Lava [fire] + Whiskey Fumes


The left edge of the Lava Lake coming from the Mines, containing a massive quantity of Lava.



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