Unstable Polymorphine

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Unstable Polymorphine is a variant of Chaotic Polymorphine that differs in looks, viscosity and transformation selection (into various Hiisi). It resembles slime, and is heavier so tends to sink to the bottom if collecting in a lake with other liquids. It also has different alchemical reactions.

Unlike the other forms of polymorphine, it is not part of the magic materials pool, meaning it does not spawn on pedestals and is therefore extremely rare to be found naturally flasked, usually only found in great treasure chests, with the chance of appearing in a normal non-great chest only around ~0.0002%


Inherits additional reactions with the [water] tag that are not listed here.

Reaction Rate Reagents Products
35 Flummoxium + Blood + Oil Unstable Polymorphine + Unstable Polymorphine + Unstable Polymorphine
80 Purifying Powder + Unstable Polymorphine Purifying Powder + Water


  • Due to Hiisi's favorable factional alignment, Unstable Polymorphine can be a risky but effective way of traversing biomes unharmed.
  • Unstable Polymorphine transformations last twice as long as normal or chaotic polymorphs (20s vs. 10s if not removed via staining).
  • Like with other polymorphing liquid stains, one can revert more quickly back by first ensuring that the new form also has the polymorphing liquid stain (e.g., by diving back into a pool of the liquid if the stain indicator is not present), then getting rid of this stain. With some setup (e.g., side-by-side pools of liquids, layers of different liquids, and/or appropriate use of jumping or teleporting), this can be used to rapidly browse through different forms and (less tediously) farm Hiisi Alchemist Potions, Tulihiisi Cocktail Flasks, or Kokkihiisi sausages.

Random Pool

The function is hard-coded, and not in the usual player-available files. There are 20 kinds of Hiisi in the pool.


  • The unique nature of Unstable Polymorphine's transformations, and its presence in the Hiisi Base may imply that it played a part in the creation of the Hiisi.

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Pool of Unstable Polymorphine found in the Ancient Laboratory
Blood, Flummoxium, and Oil can be combined to create Unstable Polymorphine.
Unstable Polymorphine transforms creatures into random Hiisi.