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Polymorphine is an extremely dangerous liquid substance that transforms the creatures it touches into harmless sheep.


Polymorphine requires very little actual substance to take effect, with only a few pink pixels enough to trigger the transformation.

There are 3 possible variants of sheep that a creature can turn into:

Type Health
Sheep 2.5 ♥
Flying Sheep 7.5 ♥
Buzzing Sheep 5 ♥

A sheep (of any type) has almost no health and will in practically every instance die in a single hit from anything. Additionally, the only method to be temporarily immune to the effects of polymorphine is to eat the dead body of a Master of Polymorphing, which means that this substance can be considered THE most deadly material in the whole game.

However there are methods to be safer from polymorphine. Upon polymorphing or death, you drop all eggs in your inventory, including hollow eggs. You can put helpful spells inside these eggs that will be cast upon polymorphing, such as Circle of Transmogrification that will transform any melee enemies into harmless sheep. As for ranged enemies you can put in either Circle of Shielding that will bounce projectiles away, or Projectile Transmutation Field that will turn any nearby projectiles into sheep or ducks. This method is not perfect, but offers at least some protection when polymorphed.

Enemies can also be polymorphed, but bosses are immune.

It can be mixed with Toxic Sludge to create Chaotic Polymorphine. It also has a reaction with Silver, turning it into Copper.


  • Transformed players do not trigger the holy mountain to collapse when leaving or re-entering, meaning that polymorphine is a handy potion to find early game for preserving wand-editing abilities. The same trick can be used with the other types of polymorphine.


Before Patch #8, polymorphing into a creature enabled you to have infinite flying due to the new shape not having a levitation limit. This has since been changed.



Inherits additional reactions with the [water] tag that are not listed here.

Reaction Rate Reagents Products
15 Polymorphine + Toxic Sludge Chaotic Polymorphine + Toxic Sludge
50 Silver + Polymorphine Copper + Smoke
80 Purifying Powder + Polymorphine Purifying Powder + Water

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