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Urine is a rare liquid Material. Originally urine could be found by left clicking while transformed into a deer, but it can now be found in either a Urine Jar (very rare environmental spawn) or Urine Flask (very rare treasure chest reward). The unique jar item can be picked up and used like typical flasks and it has its own unique sprite. The Urine Jar spawn can be found in the Mines, and the Urine Flask can be found in any treasure chest.

Contact with urine applies Effect jarated.png Jarated status effect that provides combustion resistance while increasing the risk of receiving critical hits. Drinking urine causes food poisoning. It also has the unique ability to slowly melt powdered/fallen snow, though packed snow and ice remain unaffected.

On August 24, Snipuhiisi also have an extraordinarily small chance of spawning with an alternate attack, constantly throwing Urine Jars instead of shooting their sniper rifle.


Reaction Rate Reagents Products
70 [lava] + Urine Fool's Gold + Steam
20 Snow + Urine Water + Steam
50 [acid] + Urine [acid] + Flammable Gas


The Urine Jar unique jar sprite and the Jarated effect are both references to the Jarate from Team Fortress 2. In that game, Jarate is an item usable by the Sniper-class which, when thrown, turns attacks into minicrits on enemies and puts out fires on teammates.

Jar Sprite

From an AMA posted on reddit the Noita developers hinted that back when urine came from deer, there was all sorts of weird things resulting from it, including this tidbit:

"My favorite bug was the deers drowning in their own piss :)

So back in the day we put some animals and had them roam around in the world. And also they had to urinate from time to time. Because the game is 2D, the urine would fall into these ditches. And what ended up happening is that deers would also hang around in the ditches urinating themselves. Eventually there would be so much urine that deers would drown in it. And the landscape was littered with these ditches full of urine and dead deers. Good times."

//Petri Purho (AKA Gummikana)


Seed Description
48490521 Can be found early on.
2005192038 Pool right at the bottom of the mines entrance.
274793245 Spawn in the mines.
294507393 Inside an enclosed area with a Shotgunner on first level.
1655095560 On the right side of mines, on the edge of the lava lake.
1199269428 Can be found on the left side of the mines, in an enclosed area with a Shotgunner.
2145892087 In mines down 1-2 levels and to the left, inside of a wooden square with 1 hiisi inside with it.
1285919224 Down left from entrance to the mines.
101887346 Straight down from mines entrance - roughly half way to Holy Mountain portal.
1466590193 Above one of the Holy Mountain (second one from the right) portal inside a wooden closure.