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Blood Mist, Slime Mist, and Toxic Mist are three variants of very similar materials which are typically only created by their associated Mist spells.


Mist materials are considered liquids, although their typical lifetime is quite small, having a lifetime of only 10 frames (1/6th of a second) when in the world, and can be bottled in a Potion flask.

When in contact with a Mist material, entities receive the same status effect as their associated normal liquid material; Slime Mist confers Effect slimy.png Slimy, Blood Mist confers Effect bloody.png Bloody, and Toxic Mist confers Effect radioactive.png Toxic.


Reaction Rate Reagents Products
70 [fire] + [slime] Slime Mist + Slime Mist
10 Water + [slime] Water + Slime Mist
70 [lava] + Blood Mist Volcanic Rock + Steam
80 Purifying Powder + Mist (Any) Purifying Powder + Water
20 Unstable Teleportatium + Slime Mist Teleportatium + Teleportatium
70 [fire] + Slime Mist Slime Mist + Slime Mist
10 Water + Slime Mist Water + Slime Mist
30 Whiskey + Slime Mist Whiskey + Smoke
50 Slime Mist + [magic_faster] Fire (Blue) + Steam
70 [lava] + Toxic Mist Toxic Rock + Toxic Gas


Mist material can be collected from the corresponding mist spell.
Blood mist can be bottled, but Mist of Spirits doesn't generate any bottleable material.


  • Apr 8 2024:
    • Slime Mist now reacts with materials tagged with [magic_faster].
    • Blood mist now reacts with lava to create volcanic rock.
  • Oct 11 2019: The [impure] tag was added to Toxic Mist, Alcohol Mist, Blood Mist, and Slime Mist.