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Berserkium is a reddish-orange magical liquid that floats on top of most other liquids. It causes creatures which ingest it or are stained with it to be significantly more destructive.


The Effect berserk.png Berserk status imparted by this liquid doubles both damage dealt and the radius of explosions from projectiles fired. Players will need to take great care when using Bombs and any other spells with an explosive component. For example, the common Bomb spell's radius approaches nearly half of the game screen; take great care when firing explosive projectiles while under the effects of Berserkium. However, other properties of the spell remain unchanged: spells with explosions that cannot harm you (such as Energy Orb) will gain the benefit of the increased explosion radius while remaining harmless to you.

Berserkium's stain wears off a bit faster than water, and will be washed off by other stains. Complete immersion in a pool of Berserkium will douse Fire, but being stained with it will not protect you from catching fire in the first place.


Inherits additional reactions with the [water] tag that are not listed here.

Reaction Rate Reagents Products
25 Flummoxium + Berserkium Pheromone + Pheromone
10 Whiskey + Frog Meat Berserkium + Frog Meat
80 Purifying Powder + Berserkium Purifying Powder + Water


  • While all magical liquids can be picked up as a Potion, Berserkium can sometimes be available in pools inside the Ancient Laboratory and in vats inside the Mines.
  • When creatures other than you are stained, any other nearby creatures will treat them as an enemy, and they will fire upon their allies indiscriminately.
    • Similarly, a player stained with Berserkium will be targeted by allied creatures spawned by egg items, Summon Egg or rats created by the Plague Rats perk.
  • When a player stained with Berserkium casts Unstable Crystals, the crystals will start their countdown to explosion immediately when fired.
  • The 2x damage multiplier scales all damage values, even negative ones. This means that healing spells will heal twice as much as well.
  • Projectiles cast while Berserk will not be affected by shields such as Circle of Shielding or the shields found in Hiisi Base. The passive spells Energy Shield and Energy Shield Sector, as well as the Permanent Shield perk, are unaffected and will still block projectiles.


  • It used to be possible to get Healer Hiisi to heal you by staining them with Berserkium, but this behaviour has been removed since patch #8. Only Pheromone is effective for this purpose.



Pool of Berserkium found in the Ancient Laboratory