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Unstable Teleportatium is an aqua blue colored magical liquid, in contrast to Teleportatium's cyan color, that can spawn randomly in Potions. It causes any creatures stained with it to be teleported randomly away.

Be wary while using it, as you could unintentionally teleport into dangerous obstacles. Unlike normal Teleportatium, this variant will choose its teleport direction randomly.

Mechanics and Uses

Unstable Teleportatium always looks for valid teleport destinations in any direction.

There is a biome restriction on the teleports due to how Noita loads areas, the teleport can only take you:

  • From a Holy Mountain into another biome
  • Into the same biome (Including Holy Mountains)

The minimum distance of a teleport is 128 pixels and the maximum is 1024 pixels, which is equal to two biome pixels or chunks. If there are no valid teleport destinations, no teleport happens.

While it is less controllable, with some luck it is possible to use Unstable Teleportatium to aid a speedrun.

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Can be used in The Hourglass Chamber to create a portal to the Eye Room, containing 8 random Spells.


When combined with Concentrated Mana, Freezing Vapour is also produced.

Inherits additional reactions with the [water] tag that are not listed here.

Reaction Rate Reagents Products
50 Brass + Unstable Teleportatium Metal Dust + Smoke
100 Flummoxium + Unstable Teleportatium Guiding Powder + Fire
21 Teleportatium + Whiskey Unstable Teleportatium + Whiskey
5 Unstable Teleportatium + Teleportatium + Water Unstable Teleportatium + Unstable Teleportatium + Unstable Teleportatium
20 Unstable Teleportatium + [slime] Teleportatium + Teleportatium
20 Unstable Teleportatium + Hell Slime Teleportatium + Teleportatium
10 Unstable Teleportatium + Concentrated Mana Fire + Concentrated Mana
60 Diminution + Teleportatium Diminution + Unstable Teleportatium
70 Unstable Teleportatium + [lava] Freezing Vapour + [lava]
80 Purifying Powder + Unstable Teleportatium Purifying Powder + Water


Teleportatium is converted into Unstable Teleportatium in the presence of Whiskey.

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  • Apr 8 2024:
    • Now reacts with any slime including hell slime and pea soup.
    • Now reacts with lava to create freezing vapour.