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Ambrosia is a luminous orange magical liquid which provides the Effect protection all.png Protection from all buff to any creature stained with it.


Effect protection all.png Protection from all blocks all types of damage, although it cannot block direct changes to maximum HP. The stain wears off very quickly with movement, so is best used while standing still. Drinking the liquid does not give you invincibility, and instead causes food poisoning.

Notably, it provides no protection against offensive effects that do not do health damage, such as weakening curses or blindness. Because its effect is granted only from its stain, other liquids can wash it off quite quickly and remove its effect.

Ambrosia is the only way to completely prevent taking damage from passing through Cursed Rock, protecting from both the contact damage with the material and the damaging field that permeates such areas.



  • Due to how quickly it wears off, it is best used when anticipating damage, such as before using a particularly dangerous spell (for example, Nuke).
  • Using Teleport Spell does not count as moving and won't directly reduce the stain level. This means that you can be protected more or less indefinitely as long as you're only teleporting around.
    • The slight movement from falling after teleporting to a location in midair (or slightly off the ground) will still count. It is difficult to teleport with no 'movement' whatsoever, so retaining the stain indefinitely is not generally practical.
    • Taking the Lukki Mutation perk may help to retain the stain for longer, provided you avoid teleporting into open spaces with no foot-holds.
  • The effects of this potion even protect you from the normally fatal explosion that is inflicted when exceeding 200% satiation, allowing you to explode continuously if you continue to imbibe food or drink.


  • While somewhat rare in the biomes along the main path, it can be more commonly found in the Fungal or Overgrown Caverns due to the increased number of potions spawning in those locations.


Inherits additional reactions with the [water] tag that are not listed here.

Reaction Rate Reagents Products
50 Honey + Diamond Ambrosia + Poison
50 Odd Brickwork + Ambrosia Steam + Steam
80 Diminution + Ambrosia Smoke + Acid
80 Purifying Powder + Ambrosia Purifying Powder + Water


  • While it cannot be consumed to gain protection in the current version of Noita, this was actually possible when it was first introduced. Since effects from consuming potions cannot be washed off and are not dependent on movement, this meant you were entirely invulnerable active for the duration which allowed you to swim in lava and otherwise provided a period of total invulnerability.
  • In ancient Greek mythology, Ambrosia is the food of the gods, which grants them immortality and longevity.


A player stained with Ambrosia will not take damage
An enemy standing in a pool of Ambrosia cannot be damaged
Ambrosia can be created by combining Honey and Diamond.