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Acid is a bright green liquid material that dissolves most materials into Flammable Gas.


Acid dissolves anything tagged [corrodible], which includes most materials, with the notable exceptions of Glass, Dense Rock, and Extremely Dense Rock.

Like Lava, acid inflicts contact damage instead of staining you. When unimpeded, acid flows downward, eating through materials in its path and releasing Flammable Gas as it consumes corrodible materials.

Touching acid inflicts between 20 and 500 damage per second, depending on how much of the entity is in contact with the material, and aside from Ambrosia and Stainless Armour, nothing prevents or reduces acid damage. Without a massive health pool, acid threatens instant death at all points of a run.

Apart from its corrosion reaction, acid isn't an ingredient of any pre-set Alchemy recipe. It can be randomly selected as an ingredient of Alchemic Precursor or Lively Concoction.



Acid will bleed from these enemies.


Acid's extreme damage can end almost any run before you can react, and once released it will burrow through nearly anything. In any biome containing acid, you should proactively take extreme caution to avoid it. Some suggestions include:

  • Carefully crack acid vats, detonate drums, and smash flasks from a safe distance
  • Desperately avoid losing the high ground to any enemy that spits or bleeds acid
  • Use redundant triggers, delays, and cast-delay-increasing measures to cast acid spells from screens away

Because acid represents a sudden-death threat, it's too dangerous for utility or offensive uses. Cast acid spells and use acid potions only in the most dire do-or-die situations.

Be particularly wary about acid reaching the bottom of a biome. If enough Holy Mountain Brickwork is corroded, the gods will summon Stevari, regardless if you, a monster, or dumb luck is responsible. If acid is in play, quickly move from the entrance to the Full Health Regeneration, in case a Stevari appears and knocks you back before you can heal.


Reaction Rate Reagents Products
15 Odd Brickwork + Concentrated Mana Smoke + Acid
50 [lava] + Vomit [lava] + Acid
80 Diminution + Ambrosia Smoke + Acid
50 Acid + [corrodible] Acid + Flammable Gas
10 Acid + Air Flammable Gas + Air
12 Acid + Flammable Gas Flammable Gas + Air
80 Purifying Powder + Acid Purifying Powder + Water

Frozen Acid

Reaction Rate Reagents Products
90 [fire] + Frozen Acid [fire] + Acid
80 [lava] + Frozen Acid [lava] + Acid
100 Corrupted Rock + Frozen Acid Corrupted Rock + Corrupted Rock
100 Draught of Midas + Frozen Acid Draught of Midas + Gold
90 Gas of Midas + Frozen Acid Gold + Gold
3 Steam + Frozen Acid Water + Frozen Acid
50 [acid] + Frozen Acid [acid] + Flammable Gas
50 [molten_metal] + Frozen Acid Metal Dust + Frozen Acid
50 Molten Brass + Frozen Acid Brass + Frozen Acid
50 Molten Copper + Frozen Acid Copper + Frozen Acid
50 Molten Gold + Frozen Acid Gold + Frozen Acid
50 Molten Metal (Steel) + Frozen Acid Steel (Powder) + Frozen Acid
50 Molten Silver + Frozen Acid Silver + Frozen Acid
50 Molten Wax + Frozen Acid Wax + Frozen Acid


A vat of Acid in The Vault
Frozen Acid in the Frozen Vault
Puistokemisti throwing flasks of Acid
A suspended tank of Acid, most commonly found exploding
Acid creates Flammable Gas as it corrodes other materials.

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