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Oil is a flammable liquid that floats on top of all other liquids due to its low density. It is found in a large number of sources, from environmental to creature blood, as well as spells and a perk.


Submerging yourself in oil gives you the Effect oiled.png Oiled status, which makes you slippery and more vulnerable to Fire. However, submerging yourself in oil while you are already Effect on fire.png On fire! will put the fire out and not ignite the oil, as fire requires air.

Oil is the least dense stable liquid in Noita, causing it to sit atop all other liquids.



Oil will bleed from these enemies.


Reaction Rate Reagents Products
35 Flummoxium + Blood + Oil Unstable Polymorphine + Unstable Polymorphine + Unstable Polymorphine
80 Purifying Powder + Oil Purifying Powder + Water
8 Lava + Oil Lava + Fire


A Small Lantern is shot into a pool of Oil in the Mines.

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