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Satiation is a game mechanic that causes consumed [food] materials to fill your stomach and imposes penalties for consuming too much. It is represented in the UI by a stomach icon that appears alongside other status effects and will gradually fill as you consume materials. However, there are no negative effects caused by not eating anything; hunger and starvation are not part of the satiation mechanic.

Status Effects

See all 10 levels at Status Effects#Satiation.
Noita Stomach Filling.gif
Satiation Effect
0-100% No effect
> 100% The Effect ingestion movement slower.png Clumsy Movement status effect is applied, reducing movement speed.
> 150% The Effect satiation choking.png Choking damage status effect is applied, which causes any further ingested food to deal damage.
> 175% The Effect ingestion damage.png Bursting at the Seams effect is shown, indicating that you are at risk of blowing up if you continue ingesting material.
200% You violently explode from overeating, with an explosion more powerful than a Bomb. This usually[1] kills you.

All negative effects including the 200% explosion are ignored by the Iron Stomach perk.

Reducing Satiation

Satiation will gradually go down over time, roughly 1% per 6.25 seconds when nothing is consumed. This process can be sped up by vomiting, which can be achieved in two ways:

  1. Obtaining the Effect food poisoning.png Food Poisoning status effect to vomit, from eating various materials (eg. Slime, Urine, and even your own Vomit);
  2. Drinking enough Whiskey. Having over 60 seconds of drunkenness remaining (corresponding to the Effect drunk.png Wasted effect; see section below) which will cause a poisoning effect as well as vomiting.

Each time vomiting takes place, satiation is reduced by 10%, and all ingested effects (except the ones gained from ingesting alcohol, sans Effect poisoned.png Poisoned) are lost or their duration is drastically reduced. You can keep vomiting even if satiation is empty.

Alcohol Consumption

Consuming alcohol lets you obtain various Drunkenness Effect drunk.png effects. The status' remaining duration governs how drunk you are.

  • Drinking a little makes you Effect drunk.png Tipsy, blurring vision and slightly reducing accuracy.
  • Drinking enough to get over 15 seconds makes you Effect drunk.png Drunk and further reduces accuracy.
  • Drinking enough to get above 45 seconds makes you Effect drunk.png Wasted, blurs vision even further, greatly reduces accuracy and induces vomiting.
  • Going over 60 seconds makes you Effect poisoned.png Poisoned for 1 second per each second over 60 on the drunkenness duration. Vomiting will get rid of the Poisoned effect, so the poisoning is usually short-lived, but be aware that continuing to consume alcohol may reapply the Poisoned debuff repeatedly.

Drinking Potions

The Feast Update also changed how consuming certain liquids (either off the ground or in a flask) works. Drinking liquids will also increase satiation and can grant certain status effects. Consuming anything in a potion flask uses 10 percentage points of the Flask's contents per material type in the flask.

If there is a combination of many liquids in 1 flask, then up to 10 percentage points of every liquid in the flask is consumed. For example, if a full flask contains 50% each of 2 separate liquids, then each drink will consume 20% of the flasks contents, 10% each of the contained materials. This allows for storage and consumption of multiple potions at once at the cost of the flask having fewer individual uses.

Players must also be careful when drinking from their potions that they are not contaminated with other materials. For example, drinking any amount of Oil will harm you with an effect similar to Poison.

Material Ingesting

Status duration is applied for every 10% of a potion consumed, or every 100 pixels of material eaten. Some material is lost when eating off the ground, leading to a lower duration than expected, usually a 25% reduction.

Eat Your Vegetables

Taking the perk Eat Your Vegetables modifies the satiation behaviour:

  • You cannot use water to increase satiation.
  • To increase satiation (without getting poisoned) you can consume: Blood, Worm Blood, Meat, Hearty Porridge, or Pea Soup.
  • [food] materials will also count as food for the purposes of the perk, but may have other undesirable ingestion effects.
  • Low satiation will cause you to take damage over time.
  • High satiation (>60%) will increase your damage.
  • The perk grants a full potion of Hearty Porridge which both counts as food, and has a healing effect.
  • Taking this Perk AFTER taking the Vampirism Perk may prevent you from gaining satiation from blood


  1. Certain features may allow surviving the explosion from overeating, such as the Extra Life perk or being stained with Ambrosia, the latter even allowing to repeat the explosion every time something is eaten. Forcing an overeating explosion to open passages is however not advised, due to the fact that any satiation over the limit may be hard to get rid of, and provides various penalties for its duration. Additionally, accidentally eating anything at or over 200% prompts an explosion which without making use of said certain features that make survival possible, can end your run abruptly.