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Alchemy is a game mechanic that causes mixed materials to transform into different materials with varying qualities and effects.

In Noita, the great majority of materials with alchemical properties are in liquid form, found either in potions or scattered throughout various biomes in the world. They can be mixed with other liquids or solid materials to produce different substances entirely. It would take a patient alchemist with access to all kinds of elements to discover how many unique reactions exist...

Slime and acceleratium collide. Rapidly fatal, and an easy mistake to make.
A dangerous liquid being collected the safe way.

Known Recipes

  • A complete list at Table of Alchemical Reactions.
  • The list of highlights below is sorted into base ingredients and catalysts (though in some cases these are interchangeable).
  • Ingredients marked with * are catalysts and will remain with the resulting product.
Result Primary ingredient (base) Secondary ingredients (catalysts) Notes
Alchemic Precursor ? ? Three ingredients are randomly generated on each seed. (see #more info below)

(+ Poison)

Honey Diamond
Berserkium Whiskey Frog Meat (corpse of a Konna / Jättikonna)*

(+ Smoke)

Copper Teleportatium
Chaotic Polymorphine Polymorphine* Toxic Sludge
Concentrated Mana Water Concentrated Mana* Since water can spread into toxic sludge, you can indirectly make more concentrated mana from it.

(+ Smoke)

Silver Polymorphine

(+ Smoke)

Silver + Copper Blood
Diminution Vomit Bone (Any)
Draught of Midas Alchemic Precursor Meat
Freezing Vapour Teleportatium / Unstable Teleportatium Fire
Fire Teleportatium / Unstable Teleportatium Concentrated Mana* The fire will burn parts of the Teleportatium into Freezing Vapour.
Flummoxium Worm Pheromone Worm Blood
Fools Gold Urine Lava
Guiding Powder Unstable Teleportatium Flummoxium
Gunpowder (active) Acceleratium / Levitatium / Hastium Slime This reaction can rapidly kill you with the Slime Blood perk if you are vulnerable to explosions.
Gunpowder (active) Healthium / Lively Concoction Purifying Powder
Hastium Acceleratium Levitatium Gives you both potion effects, but at half the duration per drink.
Levitatium Metal Powder (Gold/ Copper/ Brass/ Silver) or Diamond Flummoxium
Lively Concoction ? ? Three ingredients are randomly generated on each seed. (see #more info below)
Metal Dust

(+ Smoke)

Brass Unstable Teleportatium
Mysterious Fungus Fungus Blood(evaporates quickly) Toxic Sludge and Sand
Mysterious Fungus Mysterious Fungus Toxic Sludge or Sand
Peat Swamp Toxic Sludge
Pheromone Flummoxium Berserkium
Purifying Powder Brass Diamond
Purifying Powder

(+ Smoke)

Diamond + Silver Worm Blood
Rotten Meat Meat Poison
Salt Brine Fire
Shock Powder Brass Liquid Fire
Slime Mist Slime Water*

(+ Smoke)

Diamond Chaotic Polymorphine

(+ Smoke)

Gold (Powder) Chaotic Polymorphine

(+ Smoke)

Copper + Brass Water

(+ Smoke)

Blood Poison
Slime Mist Slime Fire
Smoke Slime Whiskey*
Smoke Cement Lava Both concrete and cement will react.
Smoke Peat Lava
Steam Any metal Concentrated Mana* Useful in the later biomes where steel is more present, as well as for the enclosed steel structures within Fungal Caverns.

Be careful, as this also applies to both powder gold and gold nuggets.

Swamp Toxic Sludge Mud* This can be a substitute for water, but peat grows on top which does not behave similarly to water.
Swamp Toxic Sludge Swamp* This can be used to clear out toxic sludge. Water is generally more useful for this, as it does not form into Peat, which can look like Toxic Sludge and is flammable.
Teleportatium Unstable Teleportatium Slime Unstable Teleportatium will quickly convert the newly created normal Teleportatium back into Unstable unless only very small quantities of Unstable are used.
Unstable Polymorphine Flummoxium Oil and Blood
Unstable Teleportatium Teleportatium Whiskey*
Unstable Teleportatium Teleportatium Unstable Teleportatium*
Void Liquid Toxic Sludge Worm Blood and Fungus Powder
Void Liquid Diamond Chaotic Polymorphine+ Toxic Sludge
Water "Impure" Purifying Powder*
Water Invisiblium Water* This makes water even more dangerous if you're using Invisiblium.
Water Toxic Sludge Water* This is useful for detoxifying pools of toxic sludge formed naturally or from enemies. Swamp works for this too, but it should be noted that it will form flammable Peat.
Worm Blood Freezing Liquid Worm Blood* Could be used to produce more Worm Blood, but otherwise impractical.

Other interactions

There are some less magical interactions between materials based partly on principles from reality.

More interactions are detailed in

Outdated flow chart detailing most alchemy interactions:

Noita Alchemy Flowchart

Lively Concoction and Alchemic Precursor

These powerful liquids have a randomized recipe per-seed, generated from a fixed selection of powders and liquids. The recipes are always in the ternary form (requiring three reagents).

Materialpotion magic liquid hp regeneration unstable.png Lively Concoction is an extremely useful healing potion, that heals at a better rate than the (also very rare) Healthium potion. It evaporates away quickly, however.

Materialpotion midas precursor.png Alchemic Precursor is an indispensable reagent for creating the elusive Draught of Midas, as well as the potent Gas of Midas.

When working entirely ingame, it is very difficult to determine the recipe at any given time. The substances are often found randomly having formed instead, marked by their distinctive blue and green colours.

(There are ways to cheat to find the recipe via a calculator website by Neff, or an in-game mod by cjneff.)

To correctly make the alchemic precursor or the Lively Concoction, it is always the ingredient number 2 of this link which is used as a base. For example, if it tells you oil+water+swamp, you need a pool full of water and only a few drops of the other 2 ingredients for it to work.


  • Draught of Midas is a reference to King Midas, a man who, in a Greek myth, gained the ability to convert everything he touched into Gold.
  • Draught of Midas and Lively Concoction are both most likely references to transmutation and the panacea respectively, both known to be the ultimate works of Alchemy in hermetic texts.

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