Fungus Blood

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Fungus Blood is a pink liquid most commonly bled by mushroom themed enemies and props, evaporating when exposed to air.


Fungus Blood can be consumed for the Effect trip.png Tripping status which can instigate a Fungal Reality Shift. If using it to trip, you will want to consume it before it all evaporates.



Fungus Blood will bleed from these enemies.


Fungus Blood is a necessary component for creating Mystery Fungus.

Reaction Rate Reagents Products
100 Toxic Sludge + Sand + Fungus Blood Mystery Fungus + Mystery Fungus
80 Purifying Powder + Fungus Blood Purifying Powder + Water
15 Fungus Blood + Air Air + Air
100 Void Liquid + Fungus Blood Void Liquid + Void Liquid
10 Fungus Blood + Brass Funky Cloud + Funky Cloud
60 Diminution + Fungus Blood Diminution + Sand
40 Pus + Fungus Blood Weird Fungus + Weird Fungus
50 [acid] + Fungus Blood [acid] + Flammable Gas