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Chainsaw is a spell that spawns a very short ranged projectile of sparks at the tip of the wand. The sparks, upon making contact with a creature or meat, will quickly produce massive amounts of whichever liquid the creature bleeds, such as blood, slime, lava or other material. It produces small amounts of smoke when cast. It is also capable of digging through dense rock (with rate as usual depending on the hardness of the material).

The "magical properties" alluded to in the description is the hidden modifier which forcibly sets the cast delay of itself and all other spells within the same cast block to ZERO. Essentially, it makes the cast have 1 single frame between it and the next cast. This, along with its negative recharge time makes this spell a key component of "machine gun wands" as it can reduce the wait time between casts and reloads to 1/60th of a second.


  • Since Chainsaw has negligible mana drain, it can be added to any wand at little cost (other than the slot to place it).
  • When coupled with the Increase Duration modifier, the Chainsaw spell becomes a randomly hitting invisible ranged projectile, producing sparks at the points of impact.
  • Can be used effectively after a trigger spell: once the trigger hits, the chainsaw projectile will most likely spawn directly on top of the same target. With multicast modifiers, many Chainsaw spells can be put on the end of a single trigger for very low extra cost.
  • With the extremely fast wands the chainsaw tends to be incorporated in, the large amount of smoke particles created by the sparks can suffocate you if fired too much in a closed space.


  • Oct 23 2019: Damage changed from 12.5 projectile + 0.25 drill damage to 12.75 slice damage.


Demo chainsaw.gif
Demonstration of chainsaw creating a lot of blood.
Noita's Chainsaw Spell Explained - DunkOrSlam

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