Draught of Midas

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Draught of Midas (listen Audio.svg) is an extremely rare, golden liquid. Contact with it will turn any solid or powder into Gold. It is created by combining Alchemic Precursor with Meat or some already made Draught of Midas.

Due to the rarity of Alchemic Precursor and the difficulty of creating it or finding the recipe in-game, most players are unlikely to have seen either Midas or Precursor in-game without having consulted either a mod or a recipe calculator to determine their game seed's Precursor recipe.


If you pour powders into the Draught Of Midas, it will turn all of the powder into Gold. This is an effective method to collect more gold from a small amount of Midas.

While most solids react and turns to gold, Mud does not. Most liquids do not react, but Peat turns into gold and Alchemic Precursor turns into more Draught of Midas.

The liquid itself is relatively safe; being submerged will inflict the Drunk stain, just like being soaked in Whiskey, but drinking it gives you 10 seconds of both Effect food poisoning.png Food poisoning and Effect poisoned.png Poisoned. Be aware that if holding a flask of it while attempting a Fungal Reality Shift, there's a risk of any material being turned into more Draught of Midas. If Gold is the material replaced, the Draught of Midas will become a world-destroying self-replicating weapon of mass destruction, as it'll turn everything it touches into more Draught of Midas.


  • Draught of Midas has the same density of Water, so the two liquids can get mixed together easily. The mixture can easily be purified with Freeze Field or similar; Draught of Midas doesn't freeze, but the Water will freeze into Ice and immediately convert to Gold.
  • Since Draught of Midas doesn't get consumed when converting things into gold, even a small amount can be used to tunnel down to the bottom of the world.
  • Using the Runestone of Metal near Draught of Midas will generate infinite amounts of Poison, and is an alternative way to dig downwards.


Inherits additional reactions with the [water] tag that are not listed here.

Reaction Rate Reagents Products
100 Alchemic Precursor + [meat] Draught of Midas + Draught of Midas
100 Alchemic Precursor + Draught of Midas Draught of Midas + Draught of Midas
100 Draught of Midas + [alchemy] Draught of Midas + Gold
80 Diminution + Draught of Midas Smoke + Liquid Fire (Generic)
8 Lava + Draught of Midas Lava + Fire

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Make gold with Chunk of Soil
Draught of Midas and Water mixtures can be purified using any spell that freezes the water into ice.
The Runestone of Metal converts the Gold made by Draught of Midas into Poison.