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Pheromone is a bright red sparkling magical liquid that stains creatures with Effect charm.png Charmed, making them switch allegiance to your side (faction).

It will stain you and cause the same particle effects as on enemies, but is otherwise harmless.

It can be found in flasks just as many other Magical Liquids, but it can also be created by mixing Flummoxium and Berserkium.


  • It's hard, but not impossible, to spray enough Pheromone on a flying creature in order to trigger the charm. If the creature lands then a pool on the ground is significantly easier to use.
  • A popular use is to turn Parantajahiisi in the Hiisi Base to your side, making them follow and heal you.
  • Pheromone stains will not dry off due to movement, but can be washed off.
  • Dropping a wand in a pool of Pheromone will cause it to behave like a friendly Taikasauva, moving and shooting enemies on its own. More detailed information on this is below.
    • SPOILER: Dropping empty wands (no spells or Always Casts) into a pool of Pheromone will cause them to be "sold", yielding a large Gold nugget with a value of at least 200 Gold nugget.png. Wands found deeper in the world typically will sell for more gold.

Charmed wands and Pheromone ghosts

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Pheromone that is covering wands has a natural propensity to form Taikasauva (sometimes referred to as "charmed wands") which are naturally friendly to you. This effect can only be observed if a pool of pheromone is covering the hitbox of 1 or more wands, so it needs to be around 5-10 pixels in depth. A wand may need to be thrown multiple times into a pool of pheromone to trigger the effect. The wand smuggling glitch may be used to dip the wand in pheromone and more reliably trigger the effect.

These creatures are largely unnoticeable, but will quickly pick up any dropped wands which contain spells and attack any nearby enemies. They have a tendency to wander off, unlike most charmed enemies, and seem to be immune to Pheromone's usual stain. While not holding a wand, they have an innate short-range projectile attack, a pink orb that is the same as the Verikristalli's.

These ghosts will naturally disappear after 60 seconds (even if they're in a loaded area), dropping any wand they are holding when they do.

If the wand deposited in the pool of Pheromone contains usable spells, a nearby ghost will pick it up and roam around with it. As soon as the wand exits the pool of pheromone, ghosts will stop spawning. The wand will still be picked up if it only contains spells with zero charges on it, but the ghost will not be able to attack.

If the wand is empty, it will instead be transmuted into a Gold nugget, effectively "selling" the wand. The value of the nugget will depend on the biome the wand originated in, with a minimum of 200 Gold nugget.png.

Like all Taikasauva, these creatures will drop 10 Gold nugget.png when killed (20 Gold nugget.png if the death was an accident), so ghosts can repeatedly be summoned by tossing wands into the pool and then killed with an Emerald Tablet or other physics object.

Submerging the Sampo with Pheromone causes it to "come alive" , triggering the boss fight. Like Taikasauva, the floating Sampo is actually held by an invisible ghost, which will drop it upon death.

Submerging the Sampo in pheromone causes it to come alive

In older versions of Noita, it was possible to cause large swarms of ghosts by dropping empty wands to gain large amounts of gold by killing them, but this is no longer possible and has been replaced with the "wand selling" mechanic described above.

Old behavior

The older behaviour (no longer works) is shown below.


Inherits additional reactions with the [water] tag that are not listed here.

Reaction Rate Reagents Products
25 Flummoxium + Berserkium Pheromone + Pheromone
80 Purifying Powder + Pheromone Purifying Powder + Water


Pheromone has no effect on the player other than a trail of hearts.
Charmed creatures will attack anything hostile to the player.
Similarly, charmed support creatures will aid the player.
Appearance under the Charmed effect.
A pool of Pheromone sitting in the Ancient Laboratory
Flummoxium and Berserkium combine to form Pheromone.

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