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Emerald Tablets are small green items found typically near Orbs of True Knowledge, primarily significant for Noita lore they contain. When examined, tablets will at first show their text in glowing green glyphs, which slowly morphs into readable text. Every tablet is different, and most are accompanied by an Orb of True Knowledge, with the exception of the Secretorum Hermetis and Tabula Smaragdina.


Kick and throw

Emerald Tablets can be used as weapons by throwing them at enemies, similar to rocks created by the Summon Rock spell. This can be highly effective against most enemies, as they do considerable damage and are usually counted as accidental ('trick') kills, rewarding twice as much gold dropped. Physics-impact Damage Impact damage is highly effective even against powerful enemies such as Stevari, so having a tablet on hand can provide a powerful if sometimes unwieldy weapon.

Kicking the thrown tablet can extend the range and velocity of the tablet. Click your [kick] key/button about 1/4 second before your throw, to get roughly the optimal timing for a downwards/diagonal kick. Different angles require other timing, with upward angles being hard to do.

Three enemies, Haavoittajamestari, Maadoittajamestari, and Sätkymestari, are surrounded by an aura that converts tablets to air, and cannot be killed in this way.

Suzume-style tablet kick

The only preparation is to set the "throw" key and the "non tablet item slot" key to the same key.

Using this key, you can successfully perform a tablet kick in any direction without having to adjust the timing. This is less powerful than the conventional method, but it is more stable. It is also possible to incorporate upward and sideways tablet kicks, which are difficult to do with the conventional method, into the strategy.

This technique is based on the fact that the tablet appears from the center of your body when you switch your arms at the same time as throwing the projectile.


They can also be converted into gold when placed on the altar on top of the floating island above the Mountain, although converting too many (>2) can trigger Hell Gazers (2/9 chance) to spawn. See the Forest page for details.


Tablets can be set down (i.e., thrown gently) to provide cover against projectiles and explosions, block enemy pathways, or to provide a safe surface to stand on when the floor is hazardous. With the right timing, they can also be thrown to block enemy projectiles in flight.

Tablet Digging

It is possible to use a tablet and the "Unstuck" game feature (which deletes a small area around your feet if you mash A+W+D keys without moving) to destroy parts of the world. This makes it possible to 'dig' out of the Holy Mountain.

Tablet Digging: Abusing Noita's Unstuck Function - FuryForged

Tablet Surfing

Standing on tablets refills your levitation bar as if you were on the ground. By throwing the tablet just below you and then immediately kicking upwards, the tablet will momentarily stay in place mid-air while you stand on it. The tablet should then be grabbed quickly to prevent it from falling (and potentially despawning). Repeating this process of throwing -> kicking -> grabbing will allow you to fly indefinitely.

Tablet Telekinesis

Tablets can be controlled remotely by (1) holding the tablet, (2) throwing the tablet, and (3) using a hotkey to select the tablet's inventory slot immediately after it is thrown. This is more easily accomplished if the same hotkey is set to both select an item slot (5-8) and throw. The trick is then done by holding the tablet and pressing this hotkey twice in quick succession.

If done correctly, no item will appear to be selected and you will appear to be holding nothing. The tablet can then be controlled by pressing the use/throw keys and remotely picked up using the interact key. This can be used to kill enemies from a safe distance. Similar to tablet surfing, it can also be used as a form of infinite flight by standing on the tablet and repeatedly throwing it upwards. It can also be used to steal SPOILER: spells from Holy Mountain shops .

See Glitch: Item Telekinesis for additional control configurations and guides.

List of Emerald Tablets

Name Text Location Image
Emerald Tablet of Thoth

The necessity of concealing the Art is one of the chief anxieties
of alchemists. We are sworn to secrecy by heaven and earth and hell,
By the four elements, by the height and the depth,
By Hermes, by Anubis, and by the howlings of Kerkoros.
An oath has been required of us to reveal nothing clearly to any uninitiated being.

On top of the Pyramid in the Desert Noita wkGhu6cjhQ.png
Secretorum Hermetis

The sacrifice of oneself to the pursuit of knowledge
Is the highest tribute to the gods.

Located in the Forest to the left in the giant tree above the Collapsed Mines. Hermit Tablet screenshot.jpg
Tabula Smaragdina

If all the mountains were of silver and gold,
What would they profit a man who lives in constant fear of death?
Hence there cannot be in the whole world anything better than our Medicine,
Which has power to heal all the diseases of the flesh.

The right side of the Mines near the Lava Lake. Noita w7vrpVuYhO.png
Emerald Tablet - Volume I

Tis true without lying, certain and most true.
That which is below is like that which is above
And that which is above is like that which is below
To do the miracles of one only thing
And as all things have been and arose
From one by the mediation of one:
So all things have their birth
From this one thing by adaptation.

Located high in the air directly above the starting Mountain inside the floating island, beneath the altar. Mountain Altar.png
Emerald Tablet - Volume II

Thence is born a spirit white as snow,
And another spirit red as blood,
Which two spirits are contained
In a third hidden thing.

At the bottom of the Frozen Vault.
Emerald Tablet - Volume III Heed my warning, or death and decay will follow. Located beneath the Lava Lake east of the Mines.
Emerald Tablet - Volume IV

The definition of death is the disjunction of the composite,
But there is no disjunction of that which is simple, for it is one.
Death consists in the separation of the soul from the body,
Because anything formed out of two, three, or four components
Must disintegrate, and this is death. Understand, further,
That no complex substance which lacks fire eats, drinks, or sleeps,
Because in all things which have a spirit fire is that which eats.

At the bottom of the Sandcave.
Emerald Tablet - Volume V

And the Lord spake, saying,
'First shalt thou take out the Holy Pin.
Then, shalt thou count to three. No more. No less.
Three shalt be the number thou shalt count,
And the number of the counting shall be three.
Four shalt thou not count, neither count thou
Two, excepting that thou then proceed to three.
Five is right out. Once at the number three,
Being the third number be reached, then,
Lobbest thou thy Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch
Towards thy foe, who, being naughty in My sight,
Shall snuff it.'

The left side of the Magical Temple.
Emerald Tablet - Volume VI

Some Alchemists fancy that the work from beginning to end is a mere idle entertainment;
But those who make it so will reap what they have sown -- nothing.
We know that next to the Divine Blessing, and the discovery of the proper foundation,
Nothing is so important as unwearied industry and perseverance in this First Operation.
It is no wonder, then, that so many students of this Art are reduced to beggary;
They are afraid of work, and look upon our Art as mere sport for their leisure moments.
For no labour is more tedious than that which the preparatory part of our enterprise demands.

Towards the bottom of the Lukki Lair.
Emerald Tablet - Volume VII

Among those who devote themselves to the transmutation of metals,
However, there can be no such thing as mediocrity of attainment.
A person who studies this Art, must have either everything or nothing.
An Alchemist who knows only half their craft, reaps nothing but disappointment
And waste of time and money; moreover, they lay themselves open to the mockery
of those who despise our Art. Those, indeed, who succeed in reaching the goal
of the Magistery, have not only infinite riches, but the means of continued
life and health. Hence it is the most popular of all pursuits.

Past the lava pool that Tabula Smaragdina can be found near, over a chasm, in The Orb Room. Orb Room.png
Emerald Tablet - Volume VIII

Woe unto all ye fools!
How ignorant are ye of this Art, for which ye would die if ye knew it!
I swear to you that if kings were familiar with it,
none of us would ever attain this thing.
O how this nature changeth body into spirit!
O how admirable is Nature, how she presides over all, and overcomes all.

In the middle of The Work (Hell)
Emerald Tablet - Volume IX

In this way, then, Nature generates by means of this sulphur
the different kinds of metals in the veins of the earth,
according to the diversity of degrees and alterations.

In The Orb Room, located deep within the Snowy Chasm. Emerald Tablet IX Room.jpg
Emerald Tablet - Volume X

Take, he tells us, the stone of gold, combine with humour
Which is permanent water, set in its vessel,
Over a gentle fire until liquefaction takes place.
Then leave it until the water dries,
And the sand and water are combined, one with another;
Then let the fire be more intense than before,
Until it again becomes dry, and is made earth. When this is done,
Understand that here is the beginning of the arcanum;
But do this many times, until two-thirds of the water perish,
And colours manifest unto you.

At the bottom of the Desert Chasm in a temple similar to The Orb Room.

Stone Tablets

A grey stone tablet, scrawled with a few illegible lines

When placed on the Anvil at the bottom right of the Hiisi Base, certain Emerald Tablets can be "reforged" into Stone Tablets.

Only tablets found in Orb Rooms will work.

The name of the tablet remains the same, but the text content changes. Most numbered tablets can be converted in this manner, and the resulting stone tablet will contain a hint at which materials are required to reveal hidden glyphs in the Orb Room the tablet came from. Adding the material(s) to one of the basins in the orb room (after removing the water they usually contain) will reveal glyphs which can be translated into Finnish, revealing some of the story of Noita.

Tablet Reforgeable Text Material reference(s)
Emerald Tablet of Thoth No
Secretorum Hermetis No
Tabula Smaragdina No
Emerald Tablet - Volume I No
Emerald Tablet - Volume II Yes The essence of life and death. blood
Emerald Tablet - Volume III No
Emerald Tablet - Volume IV Yes Prove thine knowledge, from what is the west created of. snow
Emerald Tablet - Volume V Yes Prove thine knowledge, from what the east is created of. sand[1]
Emerald Tablet - Volume VI Yes To have true knowledge is to see the darkness of ignorance. worm blood
Emerald Tablet - Volume VII Yes To gain true knowledge, one must slow down and not hurry. slime
Emerald Tablet - Volume VIII Yes Awaken, the flock of the shepherd and think for thyself! polymorphine
Emerald Tablet - Volume IX Yes To walk a mile in someone else's boots. chaotic polymorphine
Emerald Tablet - Volume X Yes True knowledge is a slippery thing. The unfortunate side effects of our divine stone. oil and toxic sludge
  1. Note that sand on the surface of the desert cannot be used, since it is "sand_surface" which is different than plain "sand". Obtain it from piles of sand in the Sandcave instead.


  • The Emerald Tablets and many of the quotes on them are references to the real Emerald Tablet, which is occasionally referenced in Occult, Alchemical and esoteric contexts.
  • Emerald Tablet Volume V contains a quote from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, fitting the Holy Bomb spell next to it.
  • The art for all 3 volumes of the official soundtrack contains ciphered text from the first Emerald Tablet: "FROM ONE BY THE MEDIATION OF ONE"
  • The tablet may disappear if it goes too far off screen.

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