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The Kuu (listen Audio.svg) (lit. Moon) is an inventory item. It produces a large spherical gravity field that draws in projectiles, gold and items alike. Its gravitational field reduces the effect normal gravity has on it, so if thrown it will fall to the ground very slowly and hover above the floor.


  • This item is especially useful for drawing out gold and other items from hazardous liquids such as acid, lava or pools of burning oil.
  • This item can be used to great effect against enemies that cast slow projectiles, such as Stendari, by drawing their attacks away from you.
  • Firing a Black Hole at a Kuu will cause the black hole and Kuu to both accelerate extremely rapidly in the direction of the Black Hole projectile, effectively greatly increasing its range.
    • However, this is not advised, as the Black Hole may devour the Kuu on its way.
  • Kuu can be useful for completing some of the Achievement Pillars.


  • Kuu means moon in Estonian and Finnish, which is presumably the reason behind the naming.