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Item Telekinesis refers to a glitch in the game's code which allows moving an item from a distance. Doing so with a flask can be be helpful for collecting Teleportatium out of pools. Doing so with a Tablet can assist with long distance kills and stealing spells.


  • This glitch can be fairly reliably triggered with the help of custom key/button bindings to simultaneously activate the "down", "throw", and "select item in slot {i}" actions while standing on the ground.
    • For example, if the desired item is in slot 6, the right mouse button could be bound to all three of "down", "throw", and "select item in slot 6", and the glitch can be triggered by switching to slot 6 and pressing the right mouse button.
    • Alternatively, one key/button could be bound to just "throw" and "select item in slot {i}" and pressed while holding down a separate key for "down".
    • Caution: if you are holding another throwable item and use either of these control combinations, it will throw your currently held item.
    • Note: tablet kicking can be combined with item possession by holding the down key, kicking, waiting the appropriate amount of time, and using the special "throw possessed item" control.
      • Quickly repeating possessed tablet kick attempts is possible by binding "down"+"kick"+"interact" to one key, and "throw"+"select item in slot {i}"(+"down" optional) to a mouse button.
      • Alternatively, one can first position a possessed tablet behind (or below) one's character and throw and kick forward (or upward) at roughly the same time (or using the same control).
  • The "interact" (default E) key can be used to reclaim the "possessed" item into the inventory.
  • Standing on top of a "possessed" tablet and repeatedly, gently, not-too-rapidly "throwing" directly upward (by aiming the cursor about one character height above yourself) allows for a tricky form of flight without use of any levitation energy. A more complex but faster and reliable method is to precede each throw with a short jump, and to throw upward forcefully (aiming cursor higher up the screen).


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