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Need help, want something changed or want to debate about something?
In the community portal you will find exactly what you need!
Noita Wiki is a community project run entirely by volunteers to provide information for the game.
Add this page to your watchlist and stay on top of things!

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Edits: 62,825
Articles: 1,800
Files: 7,048
Active Users: 76

Become an editor

Our community of editors is open to anyone. If you would like to join in:


Streamers, Youtubers, GIF-makers, we need you!

Start a new article

Or alternatively, you can just type a new article name in the search box. A red-link will be shown at the top of the search results. Click that to start the article.

Unsure what to do, or need help?

Be bold

  • Jump right in and start editing!
    • Reverting is easy! If you or another user accidentally makes a mistake, edits can be fixed up or easily reverted if needed. Just click the "History" tab, then "undo" and "save"!
  • Update / improve / rework a random page today!

To do list

Help improve/create these areas!
Remove items if you've fixed them!

2024 updates

(more? check the links in Release Notes/Beta and Category:Beta content)

Articles Needing Attention

  • The wiki maintenance category may be a great place to start, or you can start small by fixing spelling, grammar, and other errors you come across.
  • Add content to pages in Category:Stubs
    • Remove the {{stub}} tag when they're more complete.
  • Browse Category:Cleanup for pages that need attention
    • Remove the {{cleanup}} tag when they're looking nicer.
    • Suggest pages you see that need some attention with {{cleanup|optional reason or specifics here}} to add them to this list.
  • Browse Category:Pages to be merged for pages that have been suggested to be merged
    • Discuss proposed merges on the article's Talk/Discussion page.
    • Once everyone's happy, merge the content.
    • Convert the merged page to a redirect by replacing the no longer needed page with #REDIRECT [[Destination Page Name]].
    • Suggest pages or sections to be merged by adding {{merge|Page name#Section Name}} to the top of the page or section to add them to this list.
  • Browse Category:Pages that need additional images for pages that could use some additional images, screenshots, or gifs.
    • Remove the {{images needed}} tag from the page when there's at least a few good images for what it needs.
    • Suggest any pages you see that could benefit from some additional pictures/gifs by adding {{images needed|optional reason}} to the top of the page to add them to this category.
  • Tweak articles being punished by search engines in Category:Stale Articles.

Perks pages

Biomes pages

  • Standardise and improve (pics, details, missing-info, etc)
  • Tweak the page text to get it listed properly in search engines.

Desired layout for relevant sections:


== Layout and Hazards ==

== Points of Interest ==

== Enemies ==

== Tips ==

== Connected Areas ==

== Structures ==

== Puzzles ==

== Trivia ==

== Soundtrack ==

== Gallery ==

== See Also ==

== History ==

== Notes/References ==

Materials pages

Material pages are primarily using the following layout (if a section is relevant):


== Characteristics ==

== Sources ==

== Tips ==

== Reactions ==

== Trivia ==

== Gallery ==

== See Also ==

== History ==

== References ==

Enemies pages

  • Check and expand the details! (cross-reference with their code)
  • Tweak the text to improve search engine ranking (duplicated text moved from the old wiki gets punished)
  • Add images, gifs, and videos if there are none

Spells pages

  • Check and expand the details! (cross-reference with their code)
  • Tweak introductions to be more authoritative. Instead of starting with "This spell is..." begin with "Spell Name is a..."
  • Add more example {{Wand}} builds, everywhere!
    • DexterCD's latest updates to his Mod:Component Explorer adds an import/export feature for wands, to/from the wiki. I.e.
      1. You can copy wands from the wiki into your game.
      2. You can copy wands from your game, into the wiki!
    • If you're tempted to help, then adding examples of educational/unique/inspiring wands, into the wiki pages for any/all spells, would be a glorious way to help make it more useful for everyone! Bonus points, for also uploading a gif of the wand in action!
    • See demo video


Index below at #Existing images.


  1. Cross-reference:
  2. Add {{Bandcamp}} wherever appropriate, with details on the nuances.

Anywhere and everywhere

  • Add links pointing to the Orphaned pages
  • Add links within the Dead-end pages
  • Check for outdated/incorrect info
  • Rewrite anything that is unclear or confusing
  • Add more pictures!
  • Add more details!
  • If you'd like to suggest improvements to a template, feel free to add notes to the corresponding talk page
  • If you see things that can be improved, or are a bit wonky in the wiki's formatting or theme, ask on the Discord!
  • Add a History subsection close to the bottom of the page and use {{History}} to record patch notes that were relevant to that topic. Some helpful resources to get started:
  • Cross-link alt language pages (there are a lot of english pages which don't ref their counterparts): 日本語, Türkçe, 中文

Improving Search Rank (SEO)

One of the downsides of having moved is still seeing the old wiki linked as the first result. Here are some ways to fix this and come out on top.

Outside Solutions

  • Link to the new wiki off-site or update old links to point to the new wiki.
    • For example if you made a Tier List or Youtube Video a long time ago it may still link to the old wiki.
    • The most common off-site references to the old wiki include:

Inside Solutions

Content that is "the same" or similar enough to the old wiki will get punished and not appear at all. Some solutions to this include

  • Restructuring or rewriting pages and page contents to be different enough from the old content.
    • Make sure the introduction paragraph in particular is different than the old wiki and is not too short.
  • Adding new images and replacing old images.
    • The old wiki lacks a lot of images. If the new wiki has images, then they will be used in image search results and promoted by the search engine even if the old wiki has a higher search rank.
  • Introducing the topic authoritatively. For example a lot of old pages start with "This spell is..." when it could more authoritatively refer to itself i.e. "Spark Bolt is...".
  • Be more descriptive about the visual appearances of things (i.e. materials) or what they do (i.e. spells, perks).
  • Add or improve image captions.
    • Add descriptions to the image file with links to articles from there as well.
  • Add more information to pages to move them out of stub status. Having a lot more, and better overall content will eventually make the page become the authoritative top result (possibly even a featured search result).
  • Create brand new content. Overall if there is substantially more and better things to offer which are not at all similar to the old content, then it will have a higher search rank.

Once changes have been made, give it time (for example check the search rank in 1-2 months after making changes).

Specific Tasks

The highest recommended and most influential tasks would be the following (ordered subjectively from best to worst):

  1. Tweak pages in Category:Stale_Articles which are being delisted for duplicated content.
  2. Create New Pages (click for new page ideas).
  3. Adding images and gifs to pages that need images.
    1. Include a description and links on the image asset description as well as the thumbnail caption for the page it's on.
    2. Replacing old images that were moved from the old wiki with higher quality ones.
  4. Adding more information to stub pages. If a page is too short it might not be listed.
  5. Use the Free SERP Snippet Generator by Seobility to check if the meta-description (intro paragraph) is the ideal size.
  6. Use the PageSpeed Insights tool to analyze page load performance bottlenecks and some SEO issues.

Ideas for New Pages

Helpful links and Templates

Link Example Result
{{color}} {{color|lightgreen|highlighted}} highlighted
{{hp}} {{hp|100}}
100Icon hp template heart.png
{{hp inline}} {{hp inline|100}} 100Icon hp template heart.png (prevents linebreaks in-situ)
{{gold}} {{gold|800}} 800 Gold nugget.png
{{status}} {{status|wet}}
Effect wet.png Wet
Effect wet.png Wet (60s)
{{damagetype}} {{damagetype|Melee}} Melee
{{DamageTypeIcon}} {{DamageTypeIcon|Explosion|size=24px}}
Explosion Damage
Explosion Damage Explosion
{{potion}} {{potion|acceleratium}} Materialpotion magic liquid movement faster.png Acceleratium
{{flask}} {{flask|acceleratium}} Materialflask magic liquid movement faster.png Acceleratium
{{pouch}} {{pouch|Weird Fungus}} Materialpouch fungi.png Weird Fungus
{{tag}} {{tag|corrodible}} [corrodible]
{{gameMessage}} {{gameMessage|This is the big message|this is the small message}} This is the big messagethis is the small message
{{fraction}} {{fraction|7|49}} 7/49
{{abbr}} {{abbr|RNG|Random Number Generator}} RNG

Notice or Banner templates

See Noita Wiki:Notice templates.

Spoiler tag and wrap

  • {{Spoiler}} - for inline spoiler text - NOTE: Never use this for links, as it makes them hard to click-to-unspoil, especially on mobile, e.g. SPOILER: matosade .
  • {{Spoiler/page}} - a banner for the top of a page or section.
  • {{spoiler/start}} and {{spoiler/end}} - a spoiler wrapper for blocks of content

Glyph Translations

  • {{Glyph Translation | translation text here}} - a translation box showing a before/after of the original glyph text / the translated text.




Media - music, videos, images, icons

Thumbnail Captions and Alt attributes

Animated screenshot of the inside of a Holy Mountain showing a white pile that bursts into small repeated orange explosions along the floor that lasts for several seconds
Sodium reacting to water

The difference between thumbnail captions and alt attributes is that alt describes how the image or animation looks while a caption gives context about the image.

If they were the same then screen readers would read it twice, so avoid copying the caption into the alt attribute. For example, the image here might have the caption: "Sodium reacting to water". Whereas the alt text would be: "Animated screenshot of the inside of a Holy Mountain showing a white pile that bursts into small repeated orange explosions along the floor that lasts for several seconds".

Existing images

Wand templates

  • {{Wand}}, compact, for showing spell-combinations
  • {{Wand Card}}, a specific wand with stats, spells, and a name
  • {{SpellName}} - get a spell's human-friendly name from its' ID

Infobox templates

Navbox templates

Game data value conversion templates

These templates do a simple math conversion on game data values to convert them to the numbers players see in the UI. Formulas for these can be found on the Data.wak page.

Section/listing-creation templates

  • {{EnemyQuery}}, a list of enemies of a given location(s) and faction(s)
  • {{SpellQuery}}, a list of spells of a given tier(s) and type(s)
    • {{SpellQueryGroup}}, all the spells that share the specified sortKey prefix
    • {{SpellQueryIcon}}, just the icons
      • Can be used to query for a set of spells by name (using name=spell 1, spell 2 etc.)
      • Or by ID (using id=SPELL_ID1, SPELL_ID2 etc.)
  • {{MaterialQuery}}, a template for querying the Materials Cargo table
  • {{PerkQuery}}, a template for querying the Perks Cargo table
  • {{Example}}, templates for formatting of transclude-able examples.


Admin reminder:

  • Recreate these, semi-regularly until the bug is fixed. Make "Replacement Tables", wait a while (~30min?) for completion, then confirm.
    • Before: Check the API job load, it ought to be near-zero usually.
    • Expected numbers:
      • Enemies 206
      • Materials 466 (meat_pumpkin and rock_box2d have duplicate entries in materials.xml and those dupes are not counted)
      • Modspells 52
      • Perks 117
      • Reactions 248
      • Spells 422

Site CSS

The wiki uses the Vector theme as a base, and has some custom styles applied for certain templates as well as overriding many parts of Vector's default styles. The custom stylesheets are below. Contact an administrator if you want to request style changes or report display issues to be resolved.

  • MediaWiki:Vector.css — mainly contains theme-specific styles: backgrounds, colors, borders, things of that nature, plus specific tweaks to override the default Vector stylings. It's most of the broad visual styles for the wiki.
  • MediaWiki:Common.css — contains primarily layout and template styles, along with some "base" styles that are expected to be overridden by the theme. Some of this includes variables that are deliberately overwritten in the Vector.css in order to allow template styles to be fully defined in Common.css but still have appropriate color overrides provided by Vector.css.

Utility Classes

The following utility classes can be added to some elements, usually divs or tables (for example: <div class="____"> or {| class="____" |}) elements in the wiki to achieve specific effects. Multiple classes can be added within the quotation marks This list may not be comprehensive, you may want to review the stylesheets linked above for a more complete picture of our utility classes.

  • nomobile - do not show this element when viewing on narrow sreens, such as mobile devices.
  • mobileonly - only show this element when viewing on narrow screens, such as mobile devices.
  • wikitable - apply our standard table styling; tables lacking this class will still retain table layout, but have no borders or padding.
  • compact - combine with wikitable to reduce the padding to a minimum, to help render larger tables without taking up so much space.
  • vertical-headings - make the headings in the first row (apart from the very first heading) render text vertically; this is useful for very dense, usually compact data-heavy tables.
  • sticky-headers - make the headings of a table "stick" to the top of the screen as you scroll down a long table. Great for very long tables.
  • noita-font - applies the Noita Pixel font to whatever is contained in the element. If inside a spoiler in the hidden state, this font will be replaced with the Noita Glyphs font.

Wikitext Extension Tags

  • <syntaxhighlight lang="html+handlebars"></syntaxhightlight>
    • Create an example code-block that supports syntax highlighting for HTML and wikitext.
    • Substitute another language name (for example, javascript or js for JavaScript) to change the syntax highlighting behaviour.
  • <math></math>
    • Add a LaTeX-rendered math equation.
    • See the help documentation for usage.
    • Start your equations with \color{white} to ensure they're readable on most pages on the wiki.

Admin mass-replace

For bulk-edit requests, you can ask an admin to assist with the Special:ReplaceText tool. It works like this:

Index of important pages

bold=on mainpage, underline=in sidebar