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This page documents general troubleshooting steps as well as some common issues users may run into with Noita.

General troubleshooting

Many of these assume a Steam installation; similar options may be available for other copies of the game. Notably, launch options can be passed directly as command-line options when launching Noita from a command line shell or shortcut.

  1. Make sure all drivers are up to date
  2. Disable Steam Cloud
    • Right-click the game in your Steam Library, select Properties, uncheck Keep games saves in the Steam Cloud for Noita
  3. Toggle the game cursor
    • Press Win+R, type %appdata%\..\LocalLow\Nolla_Games_Noita\save_shared and press Enter
    • Open config.xml, change line that says application_rendered_cursor="0" to application_rendered_cursor="1"
  4. Troubleshoot with launch options
  5. Delete / unsubscribe from all mods
  6. Delete the entire folder at %appdata%/../LocalLow/Nolla_Games_Noita
  7. Delete all local files and redownload

Troubleshooting with launch options

Setting launch options for Noita in the Steam properties

Right-click the game in your Steam Library and select Properties and enter one of the following under Launch Options before launching the game.

  1. Launch the game in windowed mode
    • Launch options: -w
  2. Reset Noita's configuration settings
    • Launch options: -clean_config
  3. Reset your save file
    • Launch options: -clean_save
  4. Reset everything to defaults (this will destroy your game stats and progress)
    • Launch options: -clean_everything

Common problems

Issue Resolution
Game crashes shortly after launching If you have recently unsubscribed from a mod in the Steam Workshop, re-subscribe to that mod, it may be attempting to modify the New Game selection screen while missing assets (because you unsubscribed from it). Disable the mod from the Mods menu before unsubscribing again, if this method is successful.
Audio stops when using rapid-fire wands Restart the game, or install Letaali's QoL mod
Stretched out logo on launch
Compressed logo on launch
Launch game with -clean_config option
White background on menu screen
Turn off low quality rendering
White pixels on launch
Unable to load mods on start up
Your game is trying to download a "ghost mod" from the Steam Workshop, locate the broken mod in your subscribed items and remove/unsubscribed from it. Beautiful Magic material is an example of a mod. This generally happens because the mod you are subscribed to has been made unavailable, causing your game to be unable to start as it cannot locate and download the required mods.

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