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For instructions on how to install the beta branch, see How To Play Guide For Noita#Beta.

This page serves as a home for all the known beta changes in the current up-to-date beta branch of the game. This may include:

  • Changes mentioned in patch notes.
  • Data-mined changes that were excluded from patch notes.
  • Images/gifs of new content.
  • Links to new articles or existing articles that have beta content, to serve as a quick reference when consolidating the information here into patch notes and updating affected articles after the beta content is added back into the main branch of the game.

When adding beta-branch content to any other pages, please place information in a separate section to the rest of the page (don't mix main branch and beta-branch information in the same sections), and ensure the {{beta}} template is added to any page or section that contains information from the beta branch of the game.

The official notes are extracted from steamapps\common\Noita\_release_notes.txt.

New FEATUREs are linked.

Latest Beta Patches

April 26 2024

UPDATE: Tapion vasalli is a little tamer now

BUGFIX: UI - Lengthy item names (i.e. complex potions) would leak outside the info box 
BUGFIX: Performance - melted plastic in huge quantaties caused performance problems
BUGFIX: Fungal Shift - fungal shifting into a rare material caused the game to crash
BUGFIX: Rare crash caused by tracking biomes (Thank you Dexter Castor Döpping)
BUGFIX: Game could crash when killing a Kummitus with a lot of HP
BUGFIX: Henkevä potu is no longer a homing target when held in hand
BUGFIX: Player being deleted if traveling back and forth extreme distances instantly

MODDING: Lua - added CellFactory_HasTag
MODDING: GameEffectComponent - mIsExtension being false could crash the game
MODDING: BossHealthBarComponent added - the new healthbar behavior is moved to here
MODDING: MagicNumber BUGFIX_NEVER_DEFAULT_SERIALIZE_PLAYER added to control how player entity is serialized
MODDING: Mods with multiple player entities should behave like they used to

April 6 2024

(Cumulative changes, since the last main-branch content update in March 2023)

FEATURE: Spell - Sparkly Bounce
FEATURE: Spell - Lightning Bounce
FEATURE: Spell - Vacuum Bounce
FEATURE: Spell - Null Shot
FEATURE: Spell - Inner Spell
FEATURE: Spell - Giga White Hole
FEATURE: Spell - True Orbit
FEATURE: Spell - Hookbolt
FEATURE: Spell - Anti Homing
FEATURE: Spell - Holy Lance
FEATURE: Added 8 modifier spells
  (Click green to unspoil → SPOILER:  Click here -- Iplicate Spell, Yplicate Spell, Tiplicate Spell, Wuplicate Spell, Quplicate Spell, Peplicate Spell, Heplicate Spell, Clusterbolt. )
FEATURE: Added 6 new enemies
  (Click green to unspoil → SPOILER:  Click here -- Hornasnipuhiisi, Hornahiisi, Hornantappurahiisi, Valhe, Mätäryömijä, Aave. )
FEATURE: Added 6 new spells
  (Click green to unspoil → SPOILER:  Click here -- Summon Fish, Summon Swamp, Wand Homing, Deadly Heal, White Hole, Omega White Hole, Muodonmuutos.(Actually 7 new spells?) )
FEATURE: Added 3 new secret spells
  (Click green to unspoil → SPOILER:  Click here -- Touch of Grass, Sea of Mimicium, Cessation. )
FEATURE: Added new rare materials
  (Click green to unspoil → SPOILER:  Click here -- Diminution, Australium, Gas of Midas, Worm Gas, Yellow Fungus, Instant Deathium, Polymorphine Cloud, Teleportatium Cloud, Funky Cloud, Diminution Cloud. )
FEATURE: Added chemical reactions
FEATURE: Added new small biome
  (Click green to unspoil → SPOILER:  Click here -- Meat Realm. )
FEATURE: Item - Utility box
FEATURE: Potion reactions
FEATURE: Audio is muted when unfocusing the game if "Pause the game when unfocused" is On
FEATURE: Amazing golden spell
  (Click green to unspoil → SPOILER:  Click here -- Touch of Gold?. )
FEATURE: 3 new bossfights
  (Click green to unspoil → SPOILER:  Click here -- Kolmisilmän sydän, Tapion vasalli, Kivi. )
FEATURE: Added a new creature
  (Click green to unspoil → SPOILER:  Click here -- Henkevä potu. )
FEATURE: New materials and reactions
  (Click green to unspoil → SPOILER:  Click here -- Holy Grass, Dark Grass, Darker Grass, Milk, Beer, Molut, Mimicium. )
FEATURE: New secret quest
FEATURE: Added a new easter egg

UPDATE: Dupe around and find out
UPDATE: Better interaction with No Wand Tinkering and Tinker With Wands Everywhere perks
UPDATE: Lukki Minion is slightly more powerful
UPDATE: Spells can now be dropped from inventory at all times
UPDATE: Spell drop rates rebalanced (details (outdated))
UPDATE: Explosive bounce's radius increased
UPDATE: Shiny Orb is now more lucrative
UPDATE: Moved a boss into a slightly more accessible spot
  (Click green to unspoil → SPOILER:  Click here -- Limatoukka now appears at the bottom of the Meat Realm (beneath the Power Plant). )
UPDATE: Adjusted various spell mana costs and prices
UPDATE: Adjusted weakness modifiers
UPDATE: Updated the look of the Hiisi Alchemist's potions
UPDATE: Potion content percentages are displayed now (Thank you Evaisa)
UPDATE: Vomiting now requires eating a bit more nasty materials
UPDATE: Buffed Vampirism
UPDATE: Potions reactions are tweaked
UPDATE: A little surprise for the turophiles
  (Click green to unspoil → SPOILER:  Click here -- Sauvojen tuntija exploit fixed. 
UPDATE: Audio - new sounds for (Click green to unspoil → SPOILER:  Click here -- Gate Guardian ), Glue Ball, Eldritch Portal, Freezing Gaze, Barrier & Summon Wall spells
UPDATE: Audio - bzzzt
UPDATE: Audio - new music for a side area (Click green to unspoil → SPOILER:  Click here -- Dark Cave )
UPDATE: Powder pouches have a new functionality
UPDATE: New enemies show their statuses in the UI
UPDATE: Visual, audio and other fx when moving very fast
UPDATE: Tele bolt resets caster's vertical velocity
UPDATE: Less harsh sound for tele bolt for more pleasant tele spamming experience
UPDATE: Improved camera tracking when moving fast
UPDATE: Lukki Minion should no longer be killable to make it more useful
UPDATE: Optimized file system performance when using mods
UPDATE: (beta) Restored fast movement camera, now less sensitive and with more fx
UPDATE: Optimized performance of some game effect queries in various systems
UPDATE: All bosses use final boss style health bars
UPDATE: (beta) More stuff can happen if moving fast
UPDATE: (beta) Minor tweak to "More stuff can happen if moving fast". Now more lethal!
UPDATE: (beta) New boss removes a certain status effect
UPDATE: (beta) Balance changes, small additions and bug fixes to 2024/03/25 content
UPDATE: Added up to date localizations
UPDATE: (beta) More balance changes, small additions and bug fixes to 2024/03/25 content
UPDATE: (beta) Even more balance changes and bug fixes to 2024/03/25 content
UPDATE: (beta) Even more changes, small additions and bug fixes to 2024/03/25 content
UPDATE: (beta) Even more changes and bug fixes to 2024/03/25 content
UPDATE: (beta) Some more changes and bug fixes to 2024/03/25 content
UPDATE: (beta) New music for a new area
UPDATE: (beta) Vielä vikat changes and bug fixes to 2024/03/25 content
UPDATE: (beta) More reasonable release notes mouse scroll speed

BUGFIX: Nightmare mode - the boss arena and orb rooms could be overwritten
BUGFIX: Nightmare mode - Orbs should now drop hearts even if the spell is unlocked
BUGFIX: Nightmare mode - enemies no longer spawn with Attract Gold perk
BUGFIX: Permanent polymorph is permanent
BUGFIX: Carrying 5th wand by frame perfect swapping is fixed
BUGFIX: Rare crash when enemy was converted to a ragdoll (text sprite) (Thank you Dexter Castor Döpping)
BUGFIX: Fixed another inventory exploit, that allowed carrying of extra wands
BUGFIX: Fixed Lukki Minion sometimes escaping and disappearing
BUGFIX: Vaihdosmestari can no longer move cursed rock
BUGFIX: Closing inventory while starting to drag items is fixed
BUGFIX: Alt tab silliness is should now be fixed
BUGFIX: Optimized particle effects
BUGFIX: Player can no longer polymorph to Olematon
BUGFIX: Runestone of edges could cause Puska to shoot forever
BUGFIX: Mouse cursor displays the material even in the far lands
BUGFIX: Optimized Circle of stillness and Freezing gaze
BUGFIX: Fixed Null shot breaking modifiers cast after it
BUGFIX: Cosmetic fix to the alchemist's background
BUGFIX: More optimizations, including Freeze Field perk and Iceball spell
BUGFIX: Fixed a rare crash that could happen with too many materials
BUGFIX: Rare wand generation bug (the default green wand should be now fixed)
BUGFIX: Minor - a perk icon was missing a pixel
BUGFIX: Fixed a security vulnerability in the modding API (Thank you Dexter Castor Döpping)
BUGFIX: Fixed Hookbolt having a buggy sprite
BUGFIX: Fixed Giga White Hole not repelling projectiles
BUGFIX: Fixed certain spell unlocks happening in an unintended way
BUGFIX: Physics objects are less likely to fall through the bottom of the world
BUGFIX: Fixed Explosive Detonator being bugged in certain circumstances
BUGFIX: Fixed a boss not dropping all the spells it was meant to
   (Click green to unspoil → SPOILER:  Click here -- Mestarien mestari now drops Spell Duplication. )
BUGFIX: Fixed a secret dropping spells that it shouldn't
  (Click green to unspoil → SPOILER:  Click here -- Lake Hut second bunker no longer drops Wand Refresh. )
BUGFIX: Fixed multiple spells have some erroneous/missing data
BUGFIX: Fixed a rare case of sky being black
BUGFIX: Nullifying Altar did not remove the perk icons (Thank you Priskip)
BUGFIX: Related perks should now be removed from the perk pool
BUGFIX: Surprise puddles behind potions fixed
BUGFIX: Certain endgame item can now be dragged in the inventory without TWWE
   (Click green to unspoil → SPOILER:  Click here -- Sampo. )
BUGFIX: Saving and loading while stained caused extra status effects
BUGFIX: Vomit based status effect glitch is fixed
BUGFIX: Longer runs should be more stable and largely address aware thanks to Dexter Castor Döpping
BUGFIX: Game mode selection UI has been optimized
BUGFIX: Another security vulnerability in the modding API has been fixed (Thank you Dexter Castor Döpping)
BUGFIX: Audio - rewrote audio event stealing logic - should fix issues with audio sometimes "wrapping up" in a janky manner
BUGFIX: Audio - ambience events no longer trigger lots of silent audio instances - reduces ambience CPU use
BUGFIX: Audio - droplet sounds would rarely end up repeating without a cause
BUGFIX: Audio - liquid flow sound was sometimes left playing
BUGFIX: Fixed a security vulnerability in the modding API (Thank you Dexter Castor Döpping)
BUGFIX: Fixed a potential issue in regards to file paths
BUGFIX: Fixed an xml parsing issue
BUGFIX: A fix caused more issues than it solved
BUGFIX: A fix broke some translation mods that used custom fonts
BUGFIX: (beta) Bats had an unintentional voice break
BUGFIX: (beta) Platform spell sound had volume and pausing issues
BUGFIX: Possible fix for "Game will restart due to mod changes" without changes
BUGFIX: Fungal shifts rarely didn't occur
BUGFIX: Fungal shifts that didn't fully realise still counted towards the maximum limit
BUGFIX: (beta) A boss was invincible and gave the wrong death message
BUGFIX: (beta) Your inventory should no longer get affected by a new spell
BUGFIX: (beta) Further adjustments to avoid targeting odd things with spells and effects
BUGFIX: (beta) Certain shifts were maybe a bit too likely
BUGFIX: Certain spells weren't keeping the ID of their caster around like they should've
BUGFIX: (beta) Part of new tele bolt sound wasn't in the right mixer routing group
BUGFIX: (beta) Temp reverted to old fast movement camera logic until further polish is applied
BUGFIX: (beta) Modding - ModTextFileGetContent( "mods/mod/data/..." ) and related stuff didn't work after last update
BUGFIX: (beta) Recent changes broke lukki and other physics based enemies
BUGFIX: (beta) Mod folder file watcher wasn't very aware of changes
BUGFIX: These release notes were so long that the UI had performance issues
BUGFIX: Some surface areas had no sky light after above areas had been visited, and were not counted as surface by audio etc
BUGFIX: Final boss hanging around very far from the player could block mini-boss music
BUGFIX: (beta) Big worms had wrong type of health bar. Now has old with some visual polish
BUGFIX: (beta) Some worms still had the wrong type of health bar
BUGFIX: (beta) Some boss health bars could be seen lurking near the starting area
BUGFIX: (beta) Made fast movement explosions less powerful :(
BUGFIX: Wands retain cast delay, recharge etc over a game restart
BUGFIX: A settings menu item was using a missing translation key when hovered
BUGFIX: Infinite rain exploit
BUGFIX: Some localization strings were incorrectly escaped
BUGFIX: Text in tablets and books didn't display correctly in all languages
BUGFIX: Fixed issues with UI in some languages
BUGFIX: (beta) Crash when alt-tabbing the game
BUGFIX: More robust mod check when saving bones files

MODDING: Lua - added PolymorphTableAddEntity
MODDING: Lua - added PolymorphTableRemoveEntity
MODDING: Lua - added PolymorphTableGet
MODDING: Lua - added LoadRagdoll
MODDING: Lua - PolymorphTableAddEntity - fixed the assert
MODDING: Lua - GameCreateCosmeticParticle - now with gravity_x and gravity_y
MODDING: Lua - LoadPixelScene - now with allow_duplicate param
MODDING: Lua - added PolymorphTableSet
MODDING: Lua - added ComponentGetTags
MODDING: Lua - added InputIsKeyDown
MODDING: Lua - added InputIsKeyJustDown
MODDING: Lua - added InputIsKeyJustUp
MODDING: Lua - added InputGetMousePosOnScreen
MODDING: Lua - added InputIsMouseButtonDown
MODDING: Lua - added InputIsMouseButtonJustDown
MODDING: Lua - added InputIsMouseButtonJustUp
MODDING: Lua - added InputIsJoystickButtonDown
MODDING: Lua - added InputIsJoystickButtonJustDown
MODDING: Lua - added InputGetJoystickAnalogButton
MODDING: Lua - added InputIsJoystickConnected
MODDING: Lua - added InputGetJoystickAnalogStick
MODDING: Lua - added PhysicsComponentGetTransform, PhysicsComponentSetTransform
MODDING: Lua - added PhysicsPosToGamePos, GamePosToPhysicsPos
MODDING: Lua - added PhysicsBodyIDGetFromEntity, PhysicsBodyIDQueryBodies
MODDING: Lua - added PhysicsBodyIDGetTransform, PhysicsBodyIDSetTransform
MODDING: Lua - added PhysicsBodyIDApplyForce, PhysicsBodyIDApplyTorque
MODDING: Lua - added PhysicsBodyIDGetWorldCenter
MODDING: Lua - added PhysicsBodyIDGetDamping, PhysicsBodyIDSetDamping
MODDING: Lua - added PhysicsBodyIDGetGravityScale, PhysicsBodyIDSetGravityScale
MODDING: Lua - added PhysicsBodyIDGetBodyAABB
MODDING: Lua - added ModDoesFileExist
MODDING: Lua - added RemovePixelSceneBackgroundSprite and RemovePixelSceneBackgroundSprites
MODDING: Lua - added EntitiesGetMaxID
MODDING: Lua - added ModMaterialFilesGet
MODDING: MagicNumber GLITCH_ALLOW_5TH_WAND_CARRY has been added
MODDING: Components - GameEffectComponent - polymorph_target should now work
MODDING: Components - LaserEmitterComponent - ConfigLaser - added damage_apply_hitbox_dmg_multiplier
MODDING: Components - PhysicsKeepInWorldComponent - added
MODDING: Components - AttachToEntityComponent - added
MODDING: Components - BiomeTrackerComponent - added
MODDING: ComponentGetValue2() and ComponentSetValue2() now work with types::iaabb
MODDING: Components - LuaComponent - added limit_all_callbacks to allow limiting of all callbacks
MODDING: Updated debug_keys.txt
MODDING: Added support for static_tile biomes, that are like wang biomes without randomization, consisting of one large tile
MODDING: Added support for static_tile_bg_mask, that are repeating backgrounds with a rough mask that defines the visibility
MODDING: Added audio_music_trigger_without_danger to Biome. Used in watercave
MODDING: Added intensity2 parameter to GameEntityPlaySoundLoop
MODDING: IKLimbWalker, IKLimbsAnimator - exposed ray_skip_material
MODDING: CharacterPlatforming - added audio_liquid_splash_intensity
MODDING: PhysicsAI works better with non-levitating creatures
MODDING: Added auto-generated any_liquid any any_powder Material tags
MODDING: Audio - reports filename on bank load error
MODDING: Improved init.lua API documentation
MODDING: Fixed a possible rare crash when using the mod API in not recommended ways
MODDING: Lua - added ModRegisterMusicBank (init.lua) and example in mods/example
MODDING: Lua - added GameGetSkyVisibility, GameGetFogOfWar, GameGetFogOfWarBilinear, GameSetFogOfWar
MODDING: CharacterData/CharacterCollision - added dont_update_velocity_and_xform
MODDING: Exposed some path finding debug rendering features in F7 menu
MODDING: Materials.xml loading - doesn't log error if a material would have reaction to itself because of a reaction with duplicate material from tags
MODDING: Entity xml - added _remove_from_base (on Base components) to exclude components from base entities
MODDING: Lua - added DEBUG_LUA_DONT_REPEAT_ERRORS magic number to print only one log entry for recurring, consecutive errors (defaults to 1)
MODDING: Lua - lua error stack traces
MODDING/BUGFIX: EntitySerializer couldn't always update entities on hot load changes
MODDING: Lua - added ModImageMakeEditable, ModImageIdFromFilename, ModImageSetPixel, ModImageGetPixel
MODDING: Lua - added ModImageWhoSetContent, ModImageDoesExist
MODDING: Lua - added ModLuaFileGetAppends, ModLuaFileSetAppends
MODDING: Lua - added ComponentGetEntity
MODDING: Lua - added optional 'tag' parameter to EntityGetAllChildren
MODDING: Lua - exposed ModTextFileGetContent and ModTextFileWhoSetContent to all lua scripts
MODDING: Lua - made ComponentGet/SetValue2 up to 300% faster. Old ComponentGet/SetValue API is also a bit faster
MODDING: (beta) Lua - added stack traces to most lua API use error messages
MODDING: Added 'json' to accepted file types of ModTextFileGet/SetContent and workshop uploader
MODDING: Default biome map loads via 'data/scripts/biome_map.lua' (makes biome map multi-mod editing less of a hassle)
MODDING: Lua API documentation - improved documentation of some functions
MODDING: (beta) Lua - rewrote ModImage API (not backwards compatible)
MODDING: (beta) Lua - fixed a crash on some Lua API functions if called before game init
MODDING: (beta) Lua API documentation - improved documentation of some functions
MODDING: (beta) Lua - added stack traces to ComponentGet/SetValue2 API use error messages
MODDING: (beta) Lua - added stack trace to GameCreateSpriteForXFrames if it fails to create the sprite
MODDING: Lua - added GameSetPostFxTextureParameter, GameUnsetPostFxTextureParameter
MODDING/BUGFIX: Fixed a warning on game start if MaterialAreaChecker.material2 is not set
MODDING: (beta) Fix - when using GameSetPostFxTextureParameter, an unrelated error could fire if texture was set unsuccesfully
MODDING: (beta) Fix - images generated using ModImageMakeEditable could not be found by SpriteComponent
MODDING: fungal_shift.lua doesn't call CellFactory_GetType on file scope, so mods can use the file before that function is ok to call
MODDING/BUGFIX: ModSettingGetNextValue returned setting key if no next value is set for the setting (now returns nil)
MODDING: Lua - added PhysicsBodyIDApplyLinearImpulse, EntityGetHotspot, EntityRemoveStainStatusEffect
MODDING: Lua - added use_material_colors & replace_existing_cells parameters to EntityConvertToMaterial
MODDING: Biome - added parameters to control parallax bg look
MODDING: MaterialAreaCheckerComponent - added always_check_fullness & count_min
MODDING: IKLimbsAnimatorComponent - added is_limp,
MODDING: GameStatsComponent - dont_do_logplayerkill
MODDING: PhysicsShapeComponent - added material 
MODDING: AnimalAIComponent - added keep_state_alive_when_enabled (without this AnimalAI can get stuck in no state when Disabled & Enabled)
MODDING: VegetationComponent - added random_flip_x_scale
MODDING: (beta) PhysicsAI - various improvements for jumping & swimming AI
MODDING: CellData - added vegetation_random_flip_x_scale
MODDING: CellData - added is_grass_hashed (for more natural look when grass grows on a long, flat horizontal surface)
MODDING: PotionComponent - added custom_color_material
MODDING: Example data for "static_tile" Biomes
MODDING/BUGFIX: A security feature could crash the game in some circumstances
MODDING/BUGFIX: ModImageMakeEditable didn't work in all builds
MODDING/BUGFIX: Removing a game mode mod while there was an active run with it could make the game crash or behave weirdly
MODDING/BUGFIX: Pressing "Install mods..." in mods menu would take one back to the main menu
MODDING: (beta) Restored cell self reactions, added CellData.ignore_self_reaction_warning property
MODDING Lua - added font and scale options to GuiText, GuiButton and GuiGetTextDimensions