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This page serves as a home for all the known beta changes in the current up-to-date beta branch of the game. This may include:

  • Changes mentioned in patch notes.
  • Data-mined changes that were excluded from patch notes.
  • Images/gifs of new content.
  • Links to new articles or existing articles that have beta content, to serve as a quick reference when consolidating the information here into patch notes and updating affected articles after the beta content is added back into the main branch of the game.

When adding beta-branch content to any other pages, please place information in a separate section to the rest of the page (don't mix main branch and beta-branch information in the same sections), and ensure the {{beta}} template is added to any page or section that contains information from the beta branch of the game.

For instructions on how to install the beta branch, see How To Play Guide For Noita#Beta.

The official notes are extracted from steamapps\common\Noita\_release_notes.txt.

New FEATUREs are linked.

Latest Beta Patches

March 9 2023


BUGFIX: Permanent polymorph is permanent
BUGFIX: Ceiling stealing is more difficult now
BUGFIX: Perks - Always Cast now has a bigger pool of possible spells
BUGFIX: Frozen vault now has icemages
BUGFIX: 2x Polymorphing does not reset player's stats
BUGFIX: Ukko's empty kill message
BUGFIX: UI - inventory now displays melee damage
BUGFIX: Runestones are more random now
BUGFIX: UI - negative damage numbers were off by one
BUGFIX: Teleportitis didn't grant the damage reduction
BUGFIX: Destruction doesn't destroy a certain thing that could have been destroyed
BUGFIX: Breathless perk could leave the o2 meter being displayed forever
BUGFIX: Steam Could was counted as a secret in the Progress menu
BUGFIX: Kummitus could spawn without a wand
BUGFIX: UI - Explosion damage is now displayed correctly
BUGFIX: Ghost busting caused all kinds of mayhem. Should be cleaned up now.
BUGFIX: Infinite flying with saving/loading has been fixed
BUGFIX: Spells to Power crash has been fixed
BUGFIX: A friend is a bit more friendly now
BUGFIX: Invisible wand ghosts have been ghost busted
BUGFIX: Chest contents are a bit more random

UPDATE: No Wand Tinkering is now more rewarding and healthy
UPDATE: After killing a certain leggy creature, the creature appears in the polymorph pool

MODDING: Lua - added GameGetAllInventoryItems()
MODDING: Lua - added GameCreateCosmeticParticle()
MODDING: F9 - now allows for not displaying the debug log
MODDING: SHIFT + F9 - now clears the debug log

Feb 28 2023

BUGFIX: Fixed a couple small issues with enemy behaviour
BUGFIX: Fixed a friend (Thank you Letaali)
BUGFIX: Fixed chainsaw lacking audio and causing a memory leak
BUGFIX: Fixed unkillable Kolmi 
BUGFIX: Fixed a security vulnerability in the modding API (Thank you Dexter Castor Döpping)

April 23 2021

Main Branch updated: Release Notes#Apr 23 2021 - Hotfixes

April 22 2021

FEATURE: New perk: Iron Stomach
UPDATE: Nightmare mode - reduced the amount of blood

April 21 2021

FEATURE: 3 new biome modifiers!
FEATURE: New structure in a sandy area
FEATURE: New, hidden structures deep underground
FEATURE: New creature: Toveri

UPDATE: Kuihduttajamestari reworked into Kohdennusmestari
UPDATE: More fish in a fishy place

BUGFIX: Fixed a floating spoon
BUGFIX: Orb room text was lacking a number

FEATURE: New spell: Blood to Power
FEATURE: New spell: Omega Black Hole
FEATURE: New spell: Giga Holy Bomb

BUGFIX: Further tweaks to Essence to Power
  • Added Heart Mimics (named dark_alchemist on their progress icon file.
    • Sprite XML file is data/enemies_gfx/coward_alt.xml
    • Sprite image file is data/items_gfx/normals_orb_base (note the lack of a file extension; adding .png to the file name will allow you to open/view it).
    • Their enemy file is hidden in data/entities/misc/effect_heart.xml
  • A new Celestial Scale structure is visible in the desert, dilapidated and ancient. Progressing the Uusi Aurinko questline will help you balance and restore the scale.
  • Omega Black Hole was added as a reward for balancing the scale.
  • Additional Achievement Pillars were added, relating to Toveri.
  • Modifications to Tiny (Limatoukka):
    • Added proper ragdoll sprites.
    • Now correctly drops loot, and drops one Tier 10 and one T6 wand, rather than two T10 wands.
    • Is immune to Touch of spells, freezing, and electric stun.
    • Is a little slower when turning.
    • Has a new projectile attack.
  • An array of "permanently drunk" creature variants were added, seemingly spawned in a rare easter egg pixel scene that has very specific spawn conditions. The spawn conditions are currently unknown, but may be related to the current date/time.
    • Beer Bottle items (previously seemingly unused) were overhauled and now contain a new liquid material, juhannussima.
    • Regular Potions can rarely spawn with the new juhannussima material if those same date/time conditions are met.
  • Haamukivi's ethereal enemies now all deal contact damage in addition to their regular attacks.
  • Toveri and Kauhuhirviö:
    • Both no longer have the final_secret_orb tag; it has been replaced with big_friend and small_friend respectively.
    • Toveri now gets extremely upset if you start killing his smaller friends. You have been warned.
    • Killing 9 small friends and then tackling Toveri is required to complete one of the new Achievement Pillars. You monster.
    • Now naturally spawn at 1 of 6 possible locations in the world, depending on the world seed.
  • Stevari and Skoude are now immune to suffocation / drowning.
  • The small controllable cart from the Racetrack (a.k.a. Karl) can be used to more easily move the Suns for the Uusi Aurinko questline.
    • Karl will no longer kill entities polymorphed into the small friend.
  • A pair of new Books was added, one each by the Coral Chest and Dark Chest
  • Giga Black Hole no longer uses the same passive visual effect on wands as the regular Black Hole, it has a new effect of its own.
  • Spatial Awareness perk now shows Dark/Coral Chest locations, and the location of the Friend Room where Toveri is located.
  • A new Book has been added near the Kuulokivi.
  • Checks looking for parallel world positions (shadow bosses and Guiding Powder mainly) have been adjusted and should work a bit better.
  • Perk removal via the Nullification Altar should work a little more effectively to neutralize the effects of the Lukki and Leggy Mutation perk.
  • Essence to Power was buffed immensely, and can quite easily destroy Kolmisilmä even at high orb counts.
    • This may be a bug / just overkill and is likely subject to change.

April 20 2021

FEATURE: New structure in Hiisi Base
UPDATE: Perk spawn balance has been tweaked

BUGFIX: Fixed Essence to Power in rare cases lowering damage instead of increasing it

BUGFIX: Fixed game stats always displaying infinite symbol for gold
BUGFIX: Optimized particle effects
BUGFIX: Electric Arc now causes electric damage

April 16 2021

UPDATE: Steam Cloud - added a warning if the save is too big to sync
UPDATE: Several enemies that used to be immune to freezing and electricity changed to only be immune to the stun, not the damage type

UPDATE: Changed Kills to mana to give a buff effect instead of staining the player with mana-recharge liquid
UPDATE: Increased Close Call's range and critical hit bonus slightly
UPDATE: Personal Plasma Beam now slows down wands significantly less, and stacking it increases the beam length and damage

April 15 2021

See Release Notes#Apr 15 2021 - Hotfixes - Updates Merged to main branch.

April 14 2021

BUGFIX: Fast travel in PWs is now more stable
BUGFIX: Rare crash in PWs fixed

April 13 2021

BUGFIX: Physics body duplication bug should be fixed
BUGFIX: Stability of PWs has been improved

MODDING: Localization - loading translation files now reports errors

April 12 2021

UPDATE: Added localization for missing items

BUGFIX: Rare bug in wand code fixed
BUGFIX: Progress achievements sometimes failed
BUGFIX: Typos in few descriptions have been fixed
BUGFIX: Sauvojen Tuntija certain spawn configuration didn't work properly

MODDING: Lua - added EntityGetHerdRelationSafe() 

April 9 2021

UPDATE: Added support for 4th and 5th mouse buttons

BUGFIX: Fixed sprites that caused a minor graphics glitch
BUGFIX: Inventory quick keys can now be mouse buttons
BUGFIX: Update available notice should now work
BUGFIX: Removal of the Lukki perk is now fixed
BUGFIX: Too many error messages could have affected performance
BUGFIX: Few rare crashes have been fixed

MODDING: Options / Mod Settings - error spam reduced
MODDING: Lua - added CellFactory_GetTags() 
MODDING: Game now supports a greater number of CameraBounded entities

April 2 2021 - HOTFIXES

UPDATE: Rooms holding secret items now look a bit prettier
UPDATE: Explosive Box & Large Explosive Box should now work with more modifiers
UPDATE: Explosive box spells are walk-through again
UPDATE: Summon Rock works with more modifiers
UPDATE: Achievement localizations on Steam and GOG
UPDATE: Buffed a couple enemies slightly

BUGFIX: A miniboss no longer shoots tentacles from [ehm] the wrong place
BUGFIX: Fixed Summon Rock disappearing at the slightest damage
BUGFIX: Fixed certain player spells
BUGFIX: Fixed a broken item room graphic
BUGFIX: Unclickable slot in mod save slot select menu could be mouse focused
BUGFIX: Continue game tooltip was a bit broken
UPDATE: Exploding Gold stacks; the damage increases per stack
UPDATE: Plague Rats stacks, stacking any rat-themed perks increases the amount of rats as well as their HP and damage
UPDATE: Stacking fungal-themed perks increases the amount of mushrooms spawned by Cordyceps
UPDATE: Mournful Spirit can be stacked; stacks increase damage and amount of ghosts per killed enemy

FEATURE: 100% Finnished localization (Options, Language)

MODDING: Mod save slot support - via game_mode_supports_save_slots="1" in mod.xml.

MODDING: Lua API documentation - added a "t" to a word that was missing a "t"