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The Shiny Orb is an Inventory Item. When kicked it will grant an amount of gold in Gold Nuggets, or explode.


The orb outcome is like casting a 26-sided die, with 1 side yielding an explosion, 1 side yielding 200 Gold nugget.png, 1 side yielding 100 Gold nugget.png, 8 sides yielding 10 Gold nugget.png, and 15 sides yielding 20 Gold nugget.png. The first kick is fixed, and will always yield 20 Gold nugget.png. The second kick has odds as described in the table below. Starting on the third kick[1], each time the orb is kicked, the outcome of the highest number is changed to an explosion (so rolling a 24, 25 or 26 on the 4th kick will yield an explosion).

Number Rolled Effect
1 Small explosion that destroys the Orb and deals 24–25 damage.
2-9 10 Gold nugget.png in one small nugget
10-14, 16-19, 21-26 20 Gold nugget.png gold in two small nuggets
15 100 Gold nugget.png gold in two medium nuggets
20 200 Gold nugget.png gold in one large nugget

Shiny orb outcomes.png


  • The expected value of the next kick drops considerably after 7 kicks (after the 200 Gold nugget.png option is removed), so if HP is scarce it's recommended to not exceed this number. The cumulative probability of an explosion after 7 kicks is 57%.
  • The Explosion Immunity perk blocks the explosion damage when 1 is rolled, making it safer to kick the orb. Note that measures may still need to be taken to prevent being set Effect on fire.png On fire!.
  • Kicking the orb underwater does NOT reduce damage.
  • Soaking yourself with a bit of Ambrosia will nullify the damage dealt upon explosion.
  • "Kicking" the orb while using the "Telekenetic Kick" perk is enough to activate it, while staying safely out of explosion range.



Kicking the orb causing it to explode

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  1. Technically, the third kick has the same odds as the second kick (kick 3 replaces 0 numbers, and kick 4 replaces 2 numbers, so the effect for kicks 4 and above is as described), but this behavior was omitted for brevity.