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Diminution is an opaque, bright green liquid material which causes the Effect weakness.png Weakness status effect.

When it comes into contact with lava, it quickly evaporates into Diminution Cloud, an equally bright green gas, also applying Effect weakness.png Weakness on contact.

Its liquid form can be very rarely found in Potions on Pedestals, appearing at about a 0.0034% chance[1]. Pools of it can also sometimes be found commonly in hanging liquid resevoirs in the Ancient Laboratory.


When a creature comes in contact with or drinks Diminution, they obtain the Effect weakness.png Weakness effect, multiplying all incoming damage by 10. Meaning that all attacks, hazards and status effects, can eat through hundreds of HP in seconds. This can also, however, be used in your favor by pouring or throwing a flask of it onto an enemy to quickly deal large amounts of damage.


Excludes reactions inherited from the [water] tag.
Reaction Rate Reagents Products
60 Diminution + Teleportatium Diminution + Unstable Teleportatium
60 Diminution + Berserkium Diminution + Water
60 Diminution + Polymorphine Diminution + Chaotic Polymorphine
60 Diminution + Levitatium Toxic Sludge + Toxic Sludge
60 Diminution + Concentrated Mana Steam + Steam
60 Diminution + [fungus] Diminution + Sand
60 Diminution + Fungal Soil Diminution + Soil
100 Diminution + [gold] Diminution + Silver
100 Diminution + Molten Gold Diminution + Molten Silver
100 Diminution + Diamond Steam + Toxic Sludge
100 Diminution + Salt Diminution + Smoke
100 Diminution + Flammable Gas Diminution + Diminution
80 Diminution + Ambrosia Smoke + Acid
80 Diminution + Draught of Midas Smoke + Liquid Fire (Generic)
80 Diminution + Alchemic Precursor Smoke + Liquid Fire (Generic)
40 Vomit + Bone (Any) Diminution + Diminution
80 [lava] + Diminution [lava] + Diminution Cloud
80 Purifying Powder + Diminution Purifying Powder + Water
50 [slime] + Diminution Fire (Blue) + Steam
100 Corrupted Rock + Diminution Cloud Corrupted Rock + Corrupted Rock
100 Draught of Midas + Diminution Cloud Draught of Midas + Gold
90 Gas of Midas + Diminution Cloud Gold + Gold
30 Diminution Cloud + Air Air + Air


Looking for a special seed? Try a Seed analysis tool.

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Seed Version Description
147329433 Beta Dec 16 2023 Mines, on the right side. Just at the upper edge before the lava lake in a Flask
78553671 Beta Dec 19 2023 Mines, near the entrance. (Also there is an exceptionally good wand in a chest to the right)
437665885 Beta Dec 31 2023 Mines, right under the spawn.
1498096773 Beta Jan 22 2024 Mines, above the far right holy mountain portal
132652204 Beta Feb 19 2024 Mines, right under spawn.
237461447 Beta Feb 12 2024 Mines, right under the spawn.
1001948854 Beta Feb 12 2024 Collapsed mines just above a mountain portal closer to the far left side.
1056809096 Beta Mar 27 2024 Mines, head right from the spawn and then slightly down.
657847649 Apr 8 2024 Mines, left and slightly downwards, in a closed room.
1950294194 Apr 8 2024 Mines, at the pedestal right below the entrance.
1975275863 Apr 8 2024 Right below the first stone pillar at the entrance.
1078863428 Apr 24 2024 At the bottom right part of mines downhill from the lava lake. As bonus, two bottles of Ambrosia along the route.
664440 Apr 27 2024 In the mines near the entrance.
429158392 May 5 2024 Near the top of the mines, to the left.
2000823065 Apr 30 2024 Near the bottom of an enter to the collapsed mines


Diminution multiplies all damage by 10. Demonstrated with Arrow.
Diminution is formed from Bone Dust and Vomit.
Diminution Cloud is created from the reaction of Diminution and Lava.


  1. The exact percentage is 0.0033583959899749%. A potion has a 75/100 chance of containing a Magical Liquid. After that, it has a 500/99,750 chance of being Diminution.