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Gate-Opener is a rare glowing cream-coloured liquid which reacts with lava to create Australium.



Inherits additional reactions from the [water] tag that are not listed here.

Reaction Rate Reagents Products
80 Pus + Urine + Flummoxium Gate-Opener + Gate-Opener
90 Gate-Opener + Magic Wall Gate-Opener + Gate-Opener
80 Gate-Opener + [lava] Australium + Steam
40 Gate-Opener + Soil Smoke + Gate-Opener
80 Purifying Powder + Gate-Opener Purifying Powder + Water


Gate-Opener can be created from Pus, Urine and Flummoxium, although it disappears quickly due to its short lifetime.


  • Apr 8 2024:
    • Can now be created by combining pus, urine, and flummoxium.
    • Now reacts with lava to create australium.