Creepy Liquid

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Creepy Liquid is a transparent dark purple liquid material that expands infinitely through air unless contained in a completely closed off area.


Creepy Liquid is identical to Water in most respects, except for the fact it's purple and it glows. Additionally, bathing in creepy liquid will not remove stains, unlike water. As long as you have the Breathless perk, you will be safe from its effects. Creepy Liquid will irreversibly choke and drown the world unless you are extremely careful.

It can be turned into water with Purifying Powder.



Reaction Rate Reagents Products
90 Creepy Liquid + Air Creepy Liquid + Creepy Liquid
100 Brick Wall (Creepy) + Fire Creepy Liquid + Creepy Liquid
80 Purifying Powder + Creepy Liquid Purifying Powder + Water


  • Creepy Liquid is likely a reference to the Creeper World games, where you fight against the spread of a substance called the Creeper with similar function and color.


The CREEPIEST Noita seed yet! - FuryForged [1]



  1. The seed in this video does not spawn a creepy liquid flask in recent versions (October 2021), the seed 2120801315 does, in a chest at spawn.