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Treasure Chests are objects that spawn randomly within Noita's world and can be looted for a variety of contents. Chests can be opened with the use button while standing next to them. Alternatively they are destructible using fire, explosives, or spells. When destroyed, their contents will become available as if opened with the use button.

When generating a new area, there are specific locations that can spawn an Extra Max Health or a chest. For each of these places, there's only a 2/5 chance it spawns a chest (instead of a heart pickup, or nothing). If that roll succeeds, 1/10 chest spawns instead spawn a Mimic, and 1/1,000 spawn a Great Treasure Chest instead.

There are also some guaranteed chest locations which can spawn in the Mines (see the Gallery below) which have a 1/1000 chance to spawn as a Great Treasure Chest instead. Having the Curse of Greed active will cause them to have a 1/50 chance.

Loot Table

When opened, chests will roll randomly for their loot, which is generated according to the following table. Values in bold are the chance in that individual roll, values in italics are the overall percentage probability out of all other possibilities.[1]

Chance Category Loot
7% Drops a single active Small Bomb that will explode after a few seconds.
33% Gold This always has two sets of possible drops, which are rolled separately.

First roll (dropped as individual 10 Gold nugget.png nuggets):

  • (81/101) 70 Gold nugget.png (26.4653%)
  • (15/101) 100 Gold nugget.png (4.9%)
  • (5/101) 200 Gold nugget.png (1.6336%)

Second roll (larger gold nuggets):

  • (51/101) 50 Gold nugget.png (16.6633%)
  • (45/101) 200 Gold nugget.png (14.7029%)
  • (4/101) 1000 Gold nugget.png (1.3069%)
  • (1/101) 1-3x 50 Gold nugget.png (0.3267%) plus reroll twice for possible extra gold:
    • First roll: (50/101) 1-3x 200 Gold nugget.png (0.1617%)
    • Second roll: (20/101) 1-3x 1000 Gold nugget.png (0.0647%)[2]

The absolute minimum amount of gold than can be received from this category is 120 Gold nugget.png, and the upper limit is 3950 Gold nugget.png.

10% Potions
4% Spell Refresher
6% Items
5% Random Spells[5]
  • (51/101) 1 random spell (2.5247%)
  • (20/101) 2 random spells (0.99%)
  • (10/101) 3 random spells (0.495%)
  • (10/101) 4 random spells (0.495%)
  • (10/101) 5 random spells (0.495%)
19% Wands
  • (26/101) Tier 1 wand (4.891%)
  • (25/101) Tier 1 unshuffle[6] wand (4.7029%)
  • (25/101) Tier 2 wand (4.7029%)
  • (15/101) Tier 2 unshuffle[6] wand (2.8217%)
  • (6/101) Tier 3 wand (1.1287%)
  • (2/101) Tier 3 unshuffle[6] wand (0.3762%)
  • (1/101) Tier 4 wand (0.1881%)
  • (1/101) Tier 4 unshuffle[6] wand (0.1881%)
11% Health Pickups
3% Convert the Chest itself into gold powder (218 Gold nugget.png).
1% Reroll the entire loot table twice.[7]
1% Reroll the entire loot table 3 times.[7]

Chest Rain

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A treasure chest can be placed on the altar above the mountain to trigger the Chest Rain event. Getting a chest up to the altar can be very difficult, but there are a few viable methods of accomplishing it.

  • Using a Kuu, you can stand on a chest and slowly levitate in a direction, relying on the Kuu's gravity to pull the chest along. It's even possible to rest very briefly on the chest itself to restore levitation energy.
  • Using the Telekinetic Kick perk is the easiest method, though it would also require either Stronger Levitation/Faster Levitation perks or very careful use of Teleport Bolt spells for you to get the height required to place it on the altar.

There are other ways it could be done, usually involving flooding the area and simply kicking the chest around, but these methods take considerably more time and effort than the other available alternatives.

After placing the chest on the altar, it will disappear and the message "Your curiosity is rewarded" will appear, as 15 to 45 treasure chests start falling from the sky. Triggering this event awards an Achievement Pillar on top of the Tree.

This event can only happen once per game, even when using new altars in Parallel Worlds.

Normally, many of the chests which spawn end up falling to either side of the floating island and disappearing. However, the chest rain effect is centered on your position when triggered. This allows many more chests to be saved if you fall back down to the mountain top as soon as the chest rain is triggered.

Polymorph Exploit

Other Information

  • Wands found in chests can be stronger than those that spawn naturally, especially in the Mines.
  • 1/10 chest spawns are replaced with a Mimic. They can be distinguished by the way they float in water, if they have a stain icon above them, show no Treasure Chest tooltip when moused over or show damage numbers when attacked.
  • 0.11% chance of finding Heart Mimic in treasure chests.
  • If you make it to the Holy Mountain without directly killing any enemies in the area leading up to it, a pacifist chest will spawn above the perk altar in the left ceiling alcove. Indirect kills do not count.
    • If you avoid collapsing a Holy Mountain, go through the biome below killing enemies, then revisit the Holy Mountain and collapse it, and then pass through the biome again without killing anything, the next Holy Mountain will have a pacifist chest.
  • The contents of the chest is determined by the map seed and the chest's spawn position.
  • Chests have a 1/300 chance to spawn with a Mimic Sign, despite not actually being a mimic.


  • During Early Access, the contents of the chest would change if you moved the chest around before opening it.
  • Due to the way the engine truncates coordinates, chests more than ~27.9 PWs from the main world don't generate loot as expected, and in many cases simply don't spawn. This also affects spawned chests like those from The End of Everything, pacifist chests, or the Chest Rain.


A treasure chest in the Coal Pits.
The guaranteed chest spawn locations in the Mines

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  • Oct 23 2019: The small bomb that can be dropped from a chest had its material changed from fuse_bright to fuse.


  1. Overall probabilities do not take the probability of getting one or more rerolls on the first roll(s) as that calculation is significantly more complex and somewhat beyond the scope of this article. Probabilities are rounded slightly and may not add up to 100% exactly.
  2. This roll cannot succeed unless the first roll also succeeds.
  3. Random material potions can contain any material in Noita, including materials that are otherwise unused or unobtainable, such as Creepy Liquid or Monstrous Powder.
  4. The Chaos Die can only appear if Ylialkemisti has previously been defeated. If you have never defeated it, this drop will be a Normal Material Potion instead.
  5. Spells are randomly selected from the entire spell list, skipping any spells that have not yet been unlocked. If a spell is skipped, following spells that spawn may change.
  6. 6.0 6.1 6.2 6.3 Unshuffle wands always spawn with their Shuffle stat set to No.
  7. 7.0 7.1 Chests can roll the "reroll" option multiple times, though they are significantly less likely to do so than Great Treasure Chests.