Curse of Greed

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Curse of Greed!, labeled as Eternal Wealth before being picked up, is a perk that triples the amount of gold that is dropped from enemies, but periodically turns most solids or liquids around you into Greed-Cursed Rock and Greed-Cursed Liquid, respectively, which damage you on contact. The curse will follow the path you have taken, rather than activating at your location each time. This means you can outrun it, but much of the world will still be converted behind you, making traversal through biomes difficult.


You receive this perk when picking up the Eternal Wealth in the Giant Tree. Upon collection, a temporary portal will spawn, which teleports the player to the top of The Mines when used.


Certain terrain formations made out of Greed-Cursed Rock are not as dangerous. Standing on some slopes, halfway off of a ledge, or on some small bumps will not damage you.

Slime does not get turned into Greed-Cursed Liquid, and is therefore safe to traverse through.

Having this perk replaces Chaos Dice that would spawn in future areas with Greed Dice, as well as replacing Shiny Orbs with Cruel Orbs.

Having this perk changes spawn rate for Great Treasure Chests from 1/1000 to 1/50, but only for guaranteed chest spawn locations in the Mines.

While you have this perk, a Greed-Cursed Crystal will spawn inside of unvisited Holy Mountains which, when broken, removes the curse completely. The triple gold effect will be lost, but the gold earned from it will be kept. Materials that have already been cursed will not revert to their original state. Holy Mountains visited prior to acquiring the perk will not spawn them. Future Holy Mountains will continue to spawn Greed-Cursed Crystals even after the curse is broken. SPOILER: Entering The Laboratory will not pause the curse nor spawn a crystal. Breaking the crystal also prevents additional Homunculi from spawning from currently-held Homunculus perks.

Makes it possible to dig through materials such as Extremely Dense Rock and Cursed Rock with a wider range of spells, as Greed-Cursed Rock has a lower durability.

Has some synergy with Lukki Mutation / Leggy Mutation as the unlimited flight means you may come into contact with Greed-Cursed substances less often.

SPOILER: In the Laboratory, the curse can be used to solidify lava above the ceiling, preventing lava from flowing down when the Sampo is picked up. If attempting this conversion, care must be taken not to accidentally take damage from the ceiling turning into cursed rock at an inopportune time.

SPOILER: Entering the Avarice Diamond in The Tower while afflicted with the Curse of Greed drops and unlocks the Divide By 10 spell.