Cruel Orb

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The Cruel Orb is an item. When kicked, it can produce a small amount of blood money, or a very large explosion.

It can only be found when you have the Curse of Greed active, in which case it takes the place of any Shiny Orbs that would otherwise generate in unvisited areas.


The orb outcome is like casting a 21-sided die, with 1 side yielding an explosion, 1 side yielding 1,000 Gold nugget.png (bloody), 1 side yielding 400 Gold nugget.png, 8 sides yielding 50 Gold nugget.png, and 10 sides yielding 40 Gold nugget.png. The first kick is fixed, and will always yield 40 Gold nugget.png. The second kick has odds as described in the table below. Starting on the third kick[1], each time the orb is kicked, the outcome of the highest number is changed to an explosion (so rolling a 21, 20 or 19 on the 4th kick will yield an explosion).

Number Rolled Effect
1 Large explosion that destroys the Orb and deals nuke damage.
2-9 50 Gold nugget.png gold in a medium bloody nugget
10-14, 16-19, 21 40 Gold nugget.png in four small bloody nuggets
15 400 Gold nugget.png gold in two large bloody nuggets
20 1,000 Gold nugget.png gold in one huge bloody nugget


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  1. As with Shiny Orb, this is a slight simplification - the 3rd kick replaces 0 sides and the 4th kick replaces 2 sides.