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The Kammi (listen Audio.svg) is a rare inventory item which spawns a healing hut.

It only spawns as a reward from Chests, where it has a 0.75% chance to appear.


When the Kammi is thrown, it generates a glowing green aura around itself, marking a spot before creating a small, furbished wooden hut covered in soil.

After spawning, a few Healing Bolts will start bouncing around within for a short period of time; they will however dissipate after 4.5 seconds if not collected. The number of bolts as well as the healing per bolt scales with the player's maximum HP, recovering approximately 60% of the player's maximum HP. Along with the bolts, an explosive box on a wooden table and a bed can be found inside.



Looking for a special seed? Try a Seed analysis tool.

The Seed 1429022222 contains a Kammi within a chest at the very start of the Mines.


Activating the Kammi.
Leaving the hut.
An unoccupied Kammi with 8 healing bolts.

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