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Books provide some of the hints to the world's secrets. They are scattered throughout the world. When examined, their text will reveal itself. Further clues are in the Emerald Tablets and various other hidden Glyphs.

Research Notes

Found next to Kolmisilmän koipi.

Research Notes

"One in the pond

One in the tree

One on the ledge

One under the sun"

Book of Guidance

Found in the Fungal Caverns.

Book of Guidance

"One of my brethren ran away in order to escape our predicament...

They felt our understanding of this world was to be forbidden.

They hid something here, in this room, but...

...I lack the ability to truly see what is here!"

Notes on Grand Alchemy

Holding the Paha Silmä on the platform will reveal a glowing glyph resembling a mushroom with three eyes in its stalk. Triggering a Fungal Reality Shift on the platform will reveal a second notebook. See the Uusi Aurinko page for the remaining books.

Alchemist's Note

Found beside the Lake.

Alchemist's Note

Here I'm safe. I am safe.

I left the others behind. And I have locked my research so that only those with real understanding can reach it.

I should not worry. As long as I resist the temptation. I will be safe.

I know my limits. Here I am far away from them.

I should not worry.

Alchemist's Notebook

Found in the Overgrown Cavern.

Alchemist's Notebook

"The one below listens to my songs...

G D# G E A

E C B G# F"

A Cunning Contraption

Dropped by Mestarien mestari.

A Cunning Contraption

"The secret lies in music!

The key to the heavens' lock is borne from music all over the world.

And in a way, as above, so below..."

Tome of Essences

Found next to the Coral Chest.

Tome of Essences

"The four Essences represent the four Elements that form this visible World...

Imbued with their Terrible Power, one may do great deeds,

but one should be Afraid of their destructive Might. To this end,

we have Devised a way to remove these Dangerous Forces; seek it in the West and East.

A Legend also tells that all the Elements originated from the Egg of Sky and return to It one day..."

Book of the Jewel

Found next to the Dark chest.

Book of the Jewel

"In my dream I saw a great Diamond...

It invited me within, offering me Grand Treasures.

This it said to me:

'If you wish to follow the Path I show you here, you must bring me one of these Two:

a terrible Curse of Avarice, or the most Singular being in this realm.'

I do not fully understand these words, but I still see the Diamond in my mind's eye..."

Book of the Key

Found in the cave with the Refreshing Gourd, beside the Western Cloudscape.

Book of the Key

”Once the Key has listened to you, bring it home...

One home in the sky, beyond the invisible steps...

One home in the underworld, below seas of magma...”

Book of Celestial Bodies

Located next to the Kuulokivi.

Book of Celestial Bodies

”As with everything else, every celestial body also has its counterpart.

For every golden star is a dark enigma, and for every silvery moon there is a hollow shadow.”

Musings of an Adventurer

Found in the Power Plant.

Musings of an Adventurer

”This machinery is unlike any I've seen before. Did the Hiisi create it? Or was it always here?”