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The Sampo is the likely true name of the item you obtain from Kolmisilmä at the end of the game in The Laboratory.


All of the uses of the Sampo either trigger one of the game endings, or the start of a New Game +, depending on how many Orbs of True Knowledge you have collected.

Location Orbs Collected Use
The Work (End) Any Number Triggers the normal game ending. The world turns to Gold, and you are killed to end the game.
The Mountain Altar 0-4 Turns the world into Toxic Gold.
5-10 Triggers New Game Plus[1] (NG+).
11 Triggers the Pure ending; the world will turn to gold, but you will remain alive.
12-32 Either turns the world into Toxic Gold (prior to NG+7) or triggers another NG+ loop.[1]
33 Triggers the Peaceful ending and unlocks a permanent cosmetic golden amulet for your avatar. Time passes, and the game fades to black. A few moments later, the world is regenerated with the message WORLD HAS BEEN RESTOREDA everyone is much happier being displayed.

Enemies no longer attack you, and no more Orbs can be collected. You must find a way to die to end the run.

34-36 33 orb ending, but you get unlimited health and invulnerability to all possibly lethal forms of negative effect (including polymorphing), forcing you to start a new run via the menu to end the run.

It is possible to end the game through Turvattomuusmestari.

Names of the Treasure

The Sampo has 14 different names in the game, depending on how many Orbs of True Knowledge you pick up before entering The Laboratory.

Orbs Name
0 The Salt
1 Our Matter
2 Hermes Bird
3 White Eagle
4 The Green Lion
5 Red Lion
6 Celestial Ruby
7 Magnesia
8 The Vessel of the Philosophers
9 Our Blessed Stone
10 Magnum Opus
11 Philosopher's Stone
12 Sampo[2]
13 True Knowledge[2]
34 Amulet of Yendor[3]


  • The sampo is the name of a treasure of varying type in Finnish mythology and the Kalevala. Specifically in the Kalevala, it takes the shape of a handheld mill, which when cranked produces an unlimited amount of salt, flour and gold. In the Kalevala, the blacksmith Ilmarinen forges the Sampo for the northerner Louhi in exchange for her daughter's hand in marriage, but regrets this as his homeland suffers famine while the northerners lead easy lives. Ilmarinen, Lemminkäinen and Väinämöinen attempt to steal the Sampo, but the ensuing battle with Louhi causes it to shatter and fall to the bottom of the ocean. According to legend, the broken remains of the Sampo continue to spring forth treasures to this day[4].
  • While the game never explicitly tells you that the true name of the treasure is "The Sampo", it's the name that's referenced in the game files.
  • The name of the Sampo being "Amulet of Yendor" when you have obtained 34 Orbs is a reference to the 1980 dungeon crawler Rogue, which codified the mechanics of and serves as the inspiration for all subsequent video games known as "roguelikes", including Noita. In Rogue, descending to the bottom of the dungeon to retrieve the Amulet of Yendor, then returning to the surface, is the player's ultimate goal and wins the game.
  • The act of completing the work, using the Sampo when it is named "Amulet of Yendor", at The Floating Island, which results in you obtaining infinite health, is most likely a reference to NetHack's win state, known as ascension, where offering the Amulet of Yendor to the player's god at their high altar rewards the player with immortality and ascension to demi-godhood, winning the game.


Sometimes the script that handles ending the game will not work and all that happens is the prompt to interact with an altar disappears. This is because the item loses a component when used, making it unable to be used twice.

To fix this, there's three options you can do:

  • Exit the game and delete everything in save00/world -folder, leaving only .stream_info. This will spawn the boss again and allow you to get a new Sampo that functions.
  • Get a new Sampo from a Great Treasure Chest.
  • Edit the missing EndingMcGuffinComponent back into save00/player.xml. You can search for "this_is_sampo" to find it and add the component as shown below.


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