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Orbs of True Knowledge are collectibles that can be picked up by you in the world. They are always accompanied by an Emerald Tablet, and many are also housed in Orb Rooms, which have hidden messages about the lore of the World when their basins are filled with specific contents.


The orb counter that appears alongside your stats in the HUD.

When first collected, they will give you a specific message depending on which Orb was collected and an accompanying spell, which also unlocks the spell for future runs. In all future runs, you will instead receive a slightly different message (referring to the Orb as a Familiar Orb of True Knowledge) and an Extra Max Health pickup (+25 ♥). Shortly after an orb is collected, an eerie sound will play with an accompanying ominous screen shake effect, hinting that something more is going on as well.

When at least one orb has been collected, a counter will appear below the wand mana or potion capacity bar indicating how many orbs have been collected. This counter does not appear until you have obtained at least 1 orb.

Kolmisilmä's health increases exponentially with each orb[1]; reaching 131,481 ♥ if all 11 orbs in the main world have been collected.

Known Orbs of True Knowledge

Emerald Tablet Orb Icon Spell Location Message
Thoth Orb earthquake.png Earthquake Atop the Pyramid Secrets of Earth's anger have been unlocked to you
Volume I Orb sea of lava.png Sea of Lava Within the floating island above the mine entrance in the Forest Secrets of endless lava have been unlocked to you
Volume II Orb tentacle.png Tentacle Under the Frozen Vault, which is located under the Snowy Wasteland to the left of Giant Tree Secrets of otherworldly life have been unlocked to you
Volume III Orb nuke.png Nuke Under the Lava Lake right from entrance. Can be reached if you dig through the extremely dense rock on the west side of the shaft down to Snowy Depths with black holes or by freezing the lava and drilling through. Secrets of utter destruction have been unlocked to you
Volume IV Orb necromancy.png Necromancy At the bottom of the Sandcave below the Pyramid Secrets of Undeath have been unlocked to you
Volume V Orb holy bomb.png Holy Bomb In Orb Room To the left of the Magical Temple Secrets of fire and brimstone have been unlocked to you
Volume VI Orb spiral shot.png Spiral Shot To the left at the bottom of the Lukki Lair west of the Underground Jungle or the top west of The Vault Secrets of the Spiral have been unlocked to you
Volume VII Orb thundercloud.png Thundercloud In Orb Room to the right of the abyss (climb the dense rock or cross the rope bridge) which is to the right of the lava lake to the right of the Mines Secrets of the stormy skies have been unlocked to you
Volume VIII Orb fireworks.png Fireworks! In the center of The Work (Hell) Secrets of jubilation have been unlocked to you
Volume IX Orb exploding deer.png Summon Deercoy At the bottom of the Snow Chasm under the Snowy Wasteland Secrets of hidden danger have been unlocked to you
Volume X Orb cement.png Cement (Spell) At the bottom of the Wizard's Den under the Desert Chasm and east of the Temple of the Art Secrets of rebuilding have been unlocked to you

Orbs of Corrupted Knowledge

Parallel Worlds have an alternate version known as Orbs of Corrupted Knowledge. They always drop Cursed Extra Max Health pickups instead of a spell or Extra Max Health.


Secret orb

It is possible, but astronomically unlikely, to obtain a 34th orb from a randomly generated Great Treasure Chest, and 35-36 via Parallel Worlds. The message for the secret orb is This secret should not have been available for you.

There are only three guaranteed ways to obtain this orb:

  1. via kaliuresis's Noita Orb Atlas, which lets you find the correct X,Y coordinates for your own random seed.
    • (Note, if using the player.xml file to exact your coordinates, you must account for rounding (1200.6 => 1201).)
  2. via a set seed.
    • There are several known seeds which generate a 32nd orb in a naturally spawning chest in the Mines. This orb can be entity duped to reach 34 orbs without entering NG+. A complete list is here: https://pastebin.com/LMNH1ARS
  3. Alternatively, some seeds have orbs at conveniently accessible coordinates. This text walkthrough by kaliuresis explains the details: https://pastebin.com/raw/PSDpYsWY
    • Or, these videos explain the details:
How to obtain 34 orbs for peak Noita drip - FuryForged
Noita Quick Look: The Ruby Amulet - Alexander Cochran

Moon orb

In the game's code there is code to spawn an orb relating to the moon which grants Destruction and a message stating "Secrets of great undoing have been unlocked to you". It is likely that this orb was planned to be granted when you "opened" the moon but was later scrapped for an unknown reason.

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  1. Kolmisilmä also receives additional buffs, weaknesses, and/or new abilities with each orb collected. See this spreadsheet (spoilers!) for a full breakdown.