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The Laboratory is the final biome for a regular run after entering a red portal from the Temple of the Art. It is the lair of the Final Boss.


The Laboratory consists of an unusual Holy Mountain that leads horizontally out to a long brickwork bridge. Underneath the bridge is a massive sea of lava. This lava ocean stretches far to the west and east, blocking off any access further down.

The boss area lies on the eastern part of the bridge, consisting of two platforms and the boss itself. The platforms are made of true brickwork and do not destroy easily, whereas the bridge is just as destructible as normal rock. Above the platforms there are 4 large vats of lava that will start to drain as the fight begins, blocking off your escape.


Taking the Sampo will activate the boss. Defeating the boss will summon a red portal which leads to the end of Noita.

Connected Areas

The Laboratory does not have any other direct connection with other areas aside from the portal leading to The Work (End) which spawns after defeating the boss. However, it is still possible to escape this place in two other ways:

  • After the lava has completely drained from the chamber above the boss you can work your way through the rock diagonally left and up to find your way back to the Temple of the Art. The rock blocking this route is not the extremely dense variant that normally marks biome borders, and thus is more easily diggable.
  • You can return to the boss arena, albeit painfully, if you have both the Freeze Field perk and a Teleport wand, with Fire Immunity recommended. If you have a good digging tool, like a Black Hole spell, you can create a hole to the lava directly above The Work (End). Your Freeze Field will cool the lava, and by attempting to teleport at the new rock, you appear above it. You will take ~6 damage and likely be set Effect on fire.png On fire!, but the Freeze Field will prevent you from being drowned in lava. Continue this until you reach the surface.
  • With the right spells at your disposal, you can remove/transform the lava in the sea below, allowing you to create a passage down into The Work (Hell).


Leaving the last Holy Mountain and entering The Laboratory will play the build-up music from track 19 of Noita Official Soundtrack vol. 3 titled Temptation.[1]

Picking up the Sampo starts playing the boss music from track 20 of Noita Official Soundtrack vol. 3 titled Kolmisilmä.[2]