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Gold is a powder material, appearing in powder form mainly in the Mines and Coal Pits areas, and may also appear in Gold Potions which can be found in Treasure Chests. Lava and Liquid Fire will quickly melt gold into Molten Gold.

Gold Nuggets are a solid form of gold, primarily coming from defeated Enemies as their dropped loot. They are fairly standard rigid-body objects, being affected by gravity and other forces such as explosions, and can sink into most Powders where they can be difficult to spot. They periodically have a sparkling visual effect which can be seen through other materials and can help locate them.


Gold is a heavy powder which resists explosions and conducts electricity. Upon contact with you, it is automatically collected, yielding 1 gold per pixel of powder absorbed. Acid will dissolve powdered gold, although gold nuggets are generally unaffected. Both gold powder and gold nuggets will be destroyed by Concentrated Mana, which vapourises all metals it comes into contact with into Steam.

Molten Gold is a hot liquid, which will ignite any entities that come in contact with it. It can be cooled and solidified with some Water or any [cold] materials.


Pockets of gold dust are mainly found in the Mines and more commonly in the Coal Pits. Spells such as Digging Bolt, Digging Blast, and Chainsaw will not destroy gold and are effective for collecting it. Other spells such Triplicate Bolt, Energy Orb, or Magic Bolt can destroy terrain without destroying gold and can work if you don't have any other options. Explosive spells also work, but are typically limited use without the Unlimited Spells perk.

The Luminous Drill and Black Hole spells will destroy gold, so you should be careful if trying to use those spells to mine it. Gold nuggets can also be damaged by these spells, and will disappear if damaged too much.


Reaction Rate Reagents Products
30 [fire_strong] + Gold [fire_strong] + Molten Gold
80 Gold + Lava Molten Gold + Lava
25 Concentrated Mana + Gold Concentrated Mana + Steam
25 Concentrated Mana + Gold (Nugget) Concentrated Mana + Steam
25 Concentrated Mana + Gold (Blood) Concentrated Mana + Steam
100 Draught of Midas + [alchemy] Draught of Midas + Gold
50 Gold + Chaotic Polymorphine Silver + Smoke
50 Molten Gold + [cold] Gold + [cold]
50 Molten Gold + [water] Gold + Steam
50 Molten Gold + [frozen] Gold + [frozen]
45 Flummoxium + Gold Levitatium + Levitatium
50 [acid] + Gold [acid] + Flammable Gas
50 [acid] + Molten Gold [acid] + Flammable Gas


Mountains of Gold powder.

Gold Nuggets

Upon death, most Enemies will drop at least one gold nugget. When contact is made, the entire nugget is collected as a single unit, rather than just a single pixel. Nuggets will disappear after not being collected for a certain amount of time, unless you have the Gold is Forever perk. They blink white when getting close to vanishing, and flash faster until they are gone.

Gold nuggets come in six different values:

Nugget Value
Small Gold Nugget 10 Gold nugget.png
Medium Gold Nugget 50 Gold nugget.png
Large Gold Nugget 200 Gold nugget.png
Huge Gold Nugget 1,000 Gold nugget.png
Golden Idol 10,000 Gold nugget.png
Large Golden Idol 200,000 Gold nugget.png

There are a few enemies that do not drop any gold at all, for example most Worm enemies as well as any enemies spawned from hives.

Accidental Kills

Killed enemies will drop double the amount of gold nuggets in certain situations:

  • Killed by a physics object, for example: falling debris, a thrown tablet, or a kicked or otherwise propelled rigid-body object.
  • Killed by a naturally-occurring explosive prop, like a crate or propane canister.
  • Killed by damage or status effects inflicted by a material, for example: Fire, Acid, Toxic Sludge, Lava, Poison, Freezing Vapour, and any electrified liquids or metals.

In addition, certain spells can also cause accidental or trick kills. For example:

Blood Money

Blood money is a special, ruby-red form of gold nuggets, which heal you a little when picked up. Certain perks, like Trick Blood Money and No Wand Tinkering, cause enemies to drop blood money on death.

The amount of health restored by picking up a given nugget depends on its size:

Nugget Value HP Restored
10 Gold nugget.png
2 ♥
50 Gold nugget.png
5 ♥
200 Gold nugget.png
7.5 ♥
1,000 Gold nugget.png
7.5 ♥
10,000 Gold nugget.png
7.5 ♥
200,000 Gold nugget.png
20 ♥


Item goldnuggets.png Item goldnuggets2.gif

Item bloodmoneys.png Item bloodmoneys2.gif


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