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Slimy Meat is a very common variant of meat used as the corpse material for many enemies.


Ingesting any variant of Slimy Meat will cause Effect food poisoning.png Food poisoning.

Slimy Meat

Slimy Meat will produce Slime when pulverized.

When you are very far away and slimy meat corpses are unloaded, they will be replaced with slime that takes on the colour of the corpse. The exceptions to this are Kolmisilmän apuri and Kammolukki, which retain their original shape and material.

Green Slimy Meat

Green Slimy Meat has the same properties as slimy meat, but produces Green Slime instead of slime. The exceptions for corpse replacements include Kolmisilmän Koipi, Plasmakukka, Kolmisilmä, Hämähäkki, Lukki, and Pikkuhämähäkki, which retain their original shape and material.


The Orange variant of slimy meat is unused by Noita. The Unstable and Sand variants may be awarded as a very rare random material potion from a Treasure Chest or Great Treasure Chest, but they don't have a use.


These meats can be found as the corpses of these enemies.

Slimy Meat

Green Slimy Meat


Reaction Rate Reagents Products
50 Alchemic Precursor + Slimy Meat (Any) Draught of Midas + Draught of Midas
100 Corrupted Rock + Slimy Meat (Any) Corrupted Rock + Corrupted Rock
100 Draught of Midas + Slimy Meat (Any) Draught of Midas + Gold
90 Gas of Midas + Slimy Meat (Any) Gold + Gold
3 Lava + Slimy Meat (Any) Smoke + Fire
50 [acid] + Slimy Meat (Any) [acid] + Flammable Gas

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  • Apr 8 2024: The sand variant now reacts with materials tagged with [magic_faster].
  • Nov 5 2019: Added the [solid] tag to meat_slime, meat_slime_green, and meat_slime_orange.
  • Oct 23 2019: The minimum explosion radius of gunpowder_unstable_boss_limbs was increased from 5 to 8.