Barren Soil

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Barren Soil is a flammable type of Soil which comes in two variants, faded yellow and dark purple found in the Underground Jungle and Lukki Lair respectively.


Barren Soil is a faded yellow material that naturally occurs in the Underground Jungle. It is highly combustible and easily ignited by nearby sparks or fires, and burns quite quickly.

Barren Soil is also quite soft and easy to dig through with most common digging methods.

Lukki Lair Variant

In the Lukki Lair, a somewhat different type of Barren Soil by the same name is present. This Barren Soil is much darker in colour, with a dull purple hue, and is significantly tougher to dig through. However, it retains the flammability and other characteristics of the ordinary Barren Soil.


  • Without Fire Immunity or Oil Blood perks, standing around on a patch of Barren Soil is fairly hazardous. The Underground Jungle biome is home to several enemies who will frequently shoot explosives or drop mines, which will quickly engulf any nearby patches of Barren Soil aflame.
  • Barren Soil patches can be quite large and comprise a sizeable portion of terrain in the Underground Jungle. It is entirely possible that a patch of Barren Soil is already on fire, and the flames have yet to spread into view.
  • The threat of Fire from Barren Soil can, as with most sources of fire, be mitigated by dousing oneself in Water, Slime, Swamp, or Blood. These liquids are all somewhat commonly-occurring in the Underground Jungle.
    • In the Lukki Lair, it is common to find large pools of Ominous Liquid instead of water. This liquid is not generally suitable for dousing flames due to its poisonous nature. However, if the choice is between being burned to death or being poisoned, the poison may be preferable as it will generally not be completely fatal.


Reaction Rate Reagents Products
100 Corrupted Rock + Barren Soil Corrupted Rock + Corrupted Rock
100 Draught of Midas + Barren Soil Draught of Midas + Gold
90 Gas of Midas + Barren Soil Gold + Gold
3 Lava + Barren Soil Smoke + Fire
90 Seed (spore) + Barren Soil Air + Barren Soil
2 Barren Soil + Air Grass + Air
50 [acid] + Barren Soil [acid] + Flammable Gas


Barren Soil burning away in the Underground Jungle.
Dark variant of Barren Soil mixed with dark Lush Ground found in the Lukki Lair.