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Mud is a powder Material most commonly sourced from the bottom of the ponds in the Holy Mountain zones.


Mud can make you Effect wet.png Wet on contact and be collected using a Powder Pouch. Mud sprayed from a flask or pouch will collect irregularly on any surface and can be used to climb out of the starting area in the Forest, facilitating travel to the East or West.



Reaction Rate Reagents Products
80 [lava] + Mud Ground + Steam
15 Mud + Toxic Sludge Mud + Swamp (Water)
3 Mud + Soil + Mud Soil + Mud
0.3 Soil + Mud + Soil Soil + Soil
5 Water + Soil Air + Mud
50 [acid] + Mud [acid] + Flammable Gas
80 Purifying Powder + Mud Purifying Powder + Water
90 Seed (spore) + Mud Air + Mud
3 Lava + Mud Smoke + Fire


Mud found at the bottom of the water pools in the Holy Mountain.