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Spell quantum split.png This article is about the material. For a location with similar name, see Avarice Diamond.

Diamond is a glowing light blue powder material which has several interesting alchemical reactions, such as creating Ambrosia or Purifying Powder. It is one of the hardest materials in Noita.


As one of the hardest materials in Noita, Diamond cannot be dug through normally. Black Hole and similar spells will work, but it is unaffected by the Dissolve Powders perk and other spells. Diamond's qualities shine with its prevalence in several high profile material reactions, such as being able to produce Purifying Powder, Silver, Ambrosia, Levitatium, and Void Liquid.



  • Be careful to not get submerged in it when killing an Ukko, as you might get stuck. While it cannot be dug through without proper equipment, frantically pressing movement inputs will cause Noita to clear away any pixels that are too close, allowing you to slowly make your way out.
  • The Avarice Diamond and some other structures are made of Diamond Brickwork, not Diamond which may lead to confusion.


Reaction Rate Reagents Products
50 Brass + Diamond Purifying Powder + Purifying Powder
50 Diamond + Chaotic Polymorphine Silver + Smoke
100 Diamond + Silver + Worm Blood Purifying Powder + Smoke + Smoke
100 Diamond + Chaotic Polymorphine + Toxic Sludge Void Liquid + Void Liquid + Void Liquid
50 Honey + Diamond Ambrosia + Poison
100 Silver + copper + Blood Diamond + Smoke + Smoke
100 Diminution + Diamond Steam + Toxic Sludge
45 Flummoxium + Diamond Levitatium + Levitatium
100 Corrupted Rock + Diamond Corrupted Rock + Corrupted Rock
100 Draught of Midas + Diamond Draught of Midas + Gold
90 Gas of Midas + Diamond Gold + Gold


Diamond dust below an Orb Room
Diamond dust spawned by injuring an Ukko

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