Chaotic Polymorphine

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Chaotic Polymorphine is a purple magical liquid which transforms creatures that come into contact with it into almost any other random creature.


Chaotic Polymorphine turns affected creatures into a random enemy or passive creature which can include anything from Helvetinmato to fish. The only invalid transformation results are the player character themself and certain select enemies, typically boss enemies.

All abilities of the new creature becomes available to the affected upon assuming the new form, which means if a weak miner hiisi turns into a worm it'll be able to tunnel around the map for the entire duration while being much harder to kill and bleeding worm blood. Similarly, if you turn into a fire spirit while submerged, you'll instantly die due to exposure to liquid, which snuffs its flames.

If you're polymorphed into something that has multiple attacks, you can use your mouse scroll-wheel to select different attacks.

While transformed, all damage done to you only affects the new form and won't hurt your character once its effect ends. However, if the new form dies, you die too.

This substance is extremely risky but rewarding to use, being able to turn you into a powerful pseudo-boss enemy, or a totally defenseless fish which will die in one hit.


There is a maximum limit of polymorphing attempts before the transformation becomes permanent. The game will display a message indicating the gods are getting angry with you at 70 transformations, eventually issuing the message The gods are very angry with you at 85 transformations. Every transformation thereafter has a chance to be permanent, and once a permanent transformation has occurred, polymorph will no longer polymorph you, but the stain can end the transformation when washed off.

Additional Information

  • Washing off a polymorph stain can free you from permanent polymorph, but not all creatures can be stained.
  • While polymorphed into an enemy, you will not be attacked by other enemies not hostile to that faction (for example, Hiisi will not attack other Hiisi). This will not ignore Berserkium, though, which makes an enemy creature attack everything regardless of faction. It is common for summoned or charmed creatures, including Plague Rats and Homunculi to attack a polymorphed player on sight.
  • You can dispel the effects of Personal Fireball Thrower on an enemy or yourself by polymorphing it.
  • You will become a valid target for Homing while polymorphed. If you shoot a wand with the Homing modifier on the spells and are then polymorphed, the shots will target you as well.



Inherits additional reactions with the [water] tag that are not listed here.

Reaction Rate Reagents Products
50 Diamond + Chaotic Polymorphine Silver + Smoke
100 Diamond + Chaotic Polymorphine + Toxic Sludge Void Liquid + Void Liquid + Void Liquid
50 Gold + Chaotic Polymorphine Silver + Smoke
15 Polymorphine + Toxic Sludge Chaotic Polymorphine + Toxic Sludge
80 Purifying Powder + Chaotic Polymorphine Purifying Powder + Water


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