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Healthium is an extraordinarily rare, glowing lime-green Magical Liquid that heals creatures on contact or consumption.

It's obtainable from Potions found in Pedestals, appearing at a 0.000375% chance.[1] SPOILER: Additionally, it can also be obtained by completing the Gourd Moon secret.


When a creature comes in contact with Healthium, the liquid is absorbed (similar to Gold Powder) and the creature heals by 1Icon hp template heart.png per pixel. Additionally, they obtain a Effect hp regeneration.png Regeneration stain, which also constantly regenerates health as long as it's applied. Much like Ambrosia's Effect protection all.png Protection from all, this stain quickly wears off when moving.

Unlike Lively Concoction, Healthium does not have a lifetime, and therefore does not vanish on its own.

Healthium can also be consumed to receive the Effect hp regeneration.png Regeneration effect, but its duration is limited by the amount consumed. A single drink from a Potion will grant the effect for 7.5 seconds.

Healthium reacts with Purifying Powder to produce gunpowder.


  • Be extremely careful not to break any Healthium potions you find, as its absorption behaviour makes it difficult to bottle.
    • Throwing an empty potion into a pool of Healthium is an effective way of bottling it.
  • You can get the stain from Healthium instead of absorbing it, as the stain has the same Effect hp regeneration.png Regeneration effect that Lively Concoction provides. When poured from the flask, the material will not be absorbed until it interacts with the world, allowing you to get stained before it hits the ground.
  • You can also get stained by Healthium if you levitate under a puddle resting on a thin layer of solid material.


Looking for a special seed? Try a Seed analysis tool.

As one of the rarest liquids in Noita, you're likely to go through dozens if not hundreds of runs without ever encountering it. However, there are some seeds where its presence is confirmed. Keep in mind, though, that later updates may change procedural generation parameters and unless you have the correct game version the potion may not be there.

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Seed Version Description
1496524659 May 20 2024 In the Mines, Enter the mines and head right until you hit a vertical drop. Bottle can be found not much further down once you hit the bottom of the wall, to the left.
1746710172 Apr 30 2024 In the Mines, in a flask on the eastern side below the Weird Fungus formation. Additionally, fungal shifting while holding the flask will shift water into Healthium.
386918794 Apr 30 2024 In the Mines; just above the portal to the Holy Mountain, below spawn.
61447504 Apr 30 2024 Far left side of the Mines; near the portal to the Holy Mountain next to the Dark Cave.
56952037 Apr 8 2024 Far left side of the Mines, submerged in a pool of water near the top of the level; near the border into Collapsed Mines
2023347870 Apr 8 2024 Right side of the Mines, nearby to the lava lake towards the bottom
763600244 Apr 5 2024 In the Mines; right at the entrance.
1477042265 Apr 8 2024 In the Fungal Caverns; at the bottom in a section of flammable gas, towards the dense rock border.
1153878180 Beta Build April 7 2024 In the Mines; in the central area near a yellow wand.
2052634611 Beta Build March 31 2024 In the Mines; directly below spawn, two flasks of healthium are inside of an alchemy laboratory.
402680930 Beta Build March 9 2023 In the Mines; bottom right, near lava lake. First fungal shift is water to "flask".
1576906670 Aug 29 2023 In the Mines; after the entrance, go down and a bit right.
680850820 Aug 29 2023 Just right of the Collapsed Mines; Near a chest and a "tank" of sand.
1705057555 Aug 29 2023 In the Mines; immediately after the entrance, to the right, along with other potions.
2071910434 Aug 29 2023 In the Collapsed Mines; Bottom left close to the Dark Cave.
54211803 Apr 23 2021 In the Fungal Caverns near the eye platform.
69583443 Apr 23 2021 In the Mines, immediately after the entrance, to the right.
395260399 Apr 23 2021 In the Mines, close to portals slightly to the right.
454282382 Jan 19 2022 In the Hiisi Base, to the right near the dense rock wall.
174154171 Apr 23 2021 In the Mines, central part of it.
1463397847 Unknown in the Coal Pits, central-left area towards the Fungal Caves
2049715852 Dec 1 2020 The Mines. This potion room is directly below the tutorial area of the mine entrance, about one screen above the first exit to the Holy Mountain. This room also contains potions of Acceleratium, Ambrosia, Berserkium and Invisiblium, as well as a pool of Concentrated Mana directly adjacent.
593437786 Unknown The Mines. The potion is found to the right of the mine entrance.
1084986077 Dec 21 2020 The Mines, below the entrance.
552210875 Dec 1 2020 The Mines, To the right at the bottom of the ramp entering the mines.
1208729064 Dec 1 2020 The Mines, one screen to the left, at the bottom of the ramp entering the mines.
1111506208 Dec 1 2020 Snowy Depths, to the right near a spell shop.
895458281 Apr 15 2021 In mines, slightly to the left.
1734354706 Dec 1 2020 The mines Vat found in mines 1.0 version
1889348073 1.0 The Mines, right and low.
1546107007 Unknown The Mines. Left from the entrance
971208159 Unknown The Mines, directly beneath ramp entrance
942590265 Dec 1 2020 The Mines, below and to the left of entrance
1285422365 Dec 1 2020 Snowy Depths, go to the left just after you enter in. Found in a chest near 2 wands.
1478918675 Dec 1 2020 The Mines, Directly to the right of entrance in potion room bottom left shelf far left potion.
1082092369 Dec 1 2020 The Mines, Directly left underneath the ramp entrance
290991976 Epilogue Update The Mines, to the right of the entrance.
108591725 May 1 2021 The Mines, to the right of the entrance.
1379900669 April 23 2021 In the Fungal Caverns (connected to the Coal Pits)
305906271 Apr 23 2021 In the mines, to the right of the entrance and down a couple of layers. (Transforms to Smoke)
767130591 Apr 23 2021 In the mines, to the bottom left of the entrance. (Down 5 layers and go left past the coal.)
1725623003 Apr 23 2021 In the mines down a few layers right below the entrance.
766696831 Apr 23 2021 In the collapsed mines on the far left near the dark cave wall.
1781400527 Apr 23 2021 In the mines, take the first hole on the left. Go straight down from the end of that tunnel, until you see two potions. The healthium is a short distance to the left, one layer down.
902236643 Apr 23 2021 In the Mines to the left of the entrance
512045560 Apr 23 2021 In the Mines, eastern part of it.
52607664 Apr 23 2021 In Mines. Immediately down one level and right from bottom of entrance stairs
537670090 Apr 23 2021 In Hiisi Base. Head east following the top of the map until you find a chest in snow blocking toxic sludge. The healthium is located inside the chest.
1394439633 Apr 23 2021 In Snowy Depths. Head west following the top of the map past a trap puzzle. Continue west a bit. The healthium flask is located just south-west of an Unstable Teleportatium flask.
776843198 Apr 23 2021 Mines. Far right. Close to tablet.


Inherits additional reactions with the [water] tag that are not listed here.

Reaction Rate Reagents Products
80 Grass + Healthium Divine Ground + Air
80 Purifying Powder + Healthium Gunpowder (Unstable) + Gunpowder (Unstable)
70 [lava] + Healthium [lava] + Healium


A pool of Healthium.
Healthium is quickly absorbed in contact.
Healthium creates inert Gunpowder when in contact with Purifying Powder.
Obtaining the Effect hp regeneration.png Regeneration stain without touching Healthium.

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  1. A potion has a 75/100 chance of containing a Magical Liquid. After that, it has a 50/100000 chance of being Healthium.