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The Mines are the entry area of Noita, located directly below the Forest starting area.

Layout and hazards

A typical Mine entrance

The Mines, being the entry area of Noita, consists of soil coated ground and rock which compose its tight passages and wood-lined shafts, with small gold patches present under much of the unexposed ground. The terrain contains many small slopes and inclines which often form small pools containing Water, Oil, or Toxic Sludge. The Mines feature mostly soil, wooden beams and piles of coal, as well as oil barrels, explosive boxes, and other Props.

Fire is a frequent hazard in the Mines, potentially starting even before you enter combat, should enemies destroy an explosive or lamp. Stendari and Liekkiö can also set any flammable material ablaze simply by wandering too close. Toxic Sludge's tendency to form small pools in ground crevices makes it a significant threat, with toxic barrels and Slimes furthering its reach.


Hounds, Hiisi, and Toxic Slimes in the Mines are weaker versions of their normal counterparts that have less HP and slower attacks. This can be seen by their brown tint (normal versions are tinted green).

Common Uncommon Rare

Exploration Tips

  • Appearing very early, you are usually minimally equipped on entrance. If you did not start with water, you should attempt to acquire a flask of it as soon as possible to protect from fire and to purify toxic sludge. This can be done by entering a pool while holding an empty potion.
  • You should also attempt to acquire an Emerald Tablet as soon as possible, with one appearing to the right end of the Mines by the Lava Lake and another contained within the bottom of the Sky Island above the mountain at spawn. Tablets can be thrown at enemies to deal large amounts of damage and have a chance to count as a trick kill, giving double gold.
  • Possessing
    80Icon hp template heart.png
    and dealing 25 damage per hit, Stendari are often the greatest threat Mines explorers come across. Close combat with them should be avoided at all costs.
    • Stendari are weak to water and can be killed with a well thrown or poured potion. A well aimed tablet kick can also work but is very risky, as the tablet does not always kill and may be stopped by a collision with a fireball.
  • While tempting, gold dropped by enemies which bleed hazardous materials should be collected with caution.
  • While the Mines should be explored for wands and health upgrades as thoroughly as possible, you should not stick around at low health and may wish to leave at 20-50 HP, depending on your level of confidence.


Liquid Vat
Vat of Water.png
The second variant; no treasure can spawn beneath.
A large wooden vat, containing a liquid or powder, randomly selected from a small material pool (Water, Berserkium, Oil, Toxic Sludge, Whiskey, Sand, Gunpowder, or rarely Sima). Can very rarely contain Cement, Sand, Gold, or Poison instead. There are two variants, one with wooden trusses underneath, and one with a hollow area underneath which may contain a Chest or a Extra Max Health pickup. The wood breaks apart into Rigid Body pieces when damaged, often resulting in its contents spilling.
Trapped Treasure Room
Trapped Treasure Room.png
These come in two main types:
  • Trapped Wand Rooms have a flat floor and a wand pedestal in the center. which triggers a Circle of Acid when the wand is collected. The trap box is always in the upper-left of the room and can easily be kicked down from its perch to disarm the trap. The trap spell can usually be outrun, and is blocked by terrain, so quickly ducking around a corner into an upper passage is often enough to avoid the trap.
  • Submerged Rooms have a basin filled usually with some kind of liquid (Water, Toxic Sludge, Whiskey, Oil, Teleportatium, Polymorphine, or Gunpowder, with two Electrical (or if flammable) Fire Trap boxes on one or both sides. Typically, using a Bomb or other explosive to quickly empty the liquid is the safest way to disarm the trap, although they can sometimes be removed from their alcoves or simply destroyed with explosives.
Fungal Area
Mines Fungal Area.png
An area full of Weird Fungus resting on wooden branches with a few shuffling or spore fungi and either a max health upgrade or chest at the bottom.
Alchemy Laboratory
Mines Alchemy.png
A room made out of Brickwork and a unique material named Meteorite, with two wooden shelves with a selection of standard potions and a basin containing Lava. Will always spawn a Hiisi Alchemist, Ukko, or Stendari that will often wander off. Fragile and chaotic.
Toxic Rock Passage
Toxic Rock Room.png
A large passage with walls made of Toxic Rock. Can spawn a Chest or Extra Max Health pickup in the centre.
Toxic Cavity
Skærmbillede 2021-09-16 193325.jpg
A hole with a roof of Glowing Matter, and Toxic Sludge at the bottom. It is the only structure in which Glowing Matter is present. It is inhabited by Limanuljaska, Happonuljaska and Äitinuljaska and can spawn a chest or a health up.
Wooden Box
A small room composed entirely of wood with no entrance, containing many weak enemies or a single strong enemy, and often a Chest or Health Pickup. Sometimes contains an Alchemist or Thunder Mage, or very rarely a Shotgun Hisii with a Jar of Urine.


The Mines also contains a few puzzle scenes that can generate in its twisty passages.

Rope-Swing Puzzle

The puzzle.

An open room, with a small amount of water on the ground. Dangling from the ceiling is a large metal chain, affixed to an electrified metal box. On the right side of the room is a strange platform.

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Electrifying the platform will spawn a Chest. The intended solution is the electric box, but any electricity spells, an Ukkoskivi, the Electricity perk, and many other methods will also work.

Electrifying the platform with the Electric box.

Empty Basin, Empty Potion Puzzle

Ruusu Puzzle.png

A small basin is visible, with a potion stand containing an Empty Potion just to its right. Further right is a solid Wood wall.

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Filling the basin with Oil will reward you with the Ruusu, a unique Wand. The intended method is to break the wooden wall, revealing a basin full of Oil, and use the Empty Potion to ferry it, but if the oil happens to burn away or otherwise get misplaced, it can be ferried from elsewhere, created through spells such as Circle of Oil or Oil Trail, bled from an oil-bleeding enemy or Minä with Oil Blood, or brought in by various other methods.

Filling the opposite basin with Oil.

Empty Basin Puzzle

A small basin is visible, with seemingly nothing else nearby. The ceiling above seems to have a short break where a wooden plank has been affixed to bridge the gap.

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Filling the basin with a specific randomly-selected liquid will reward you with a Chest. The intended solution is to break the wooden plank in the ceiling, revealing a shallow vat of the target liquid, then break the side of the vat to allow the material to pour down into the basin. All target liquids may be acquired elsewhere if necessary.

The random material is picked from the following list: water, blood, whiskey, toxic sludge, brine, slime, berserkium, pheromone, oil.

One solution to the empty basin and vat puzzle.


Music that plays here includes:

Track 2 of Noita Official Soundtrack vol. 1 is titled "Daddy Long-Leg's Surprise".[1]

Track 4 of Noita Official Soundtrack vol. 1 is titled "Sweet Depths".[2]

Track 16 of Noita Official Soundtrack vol. 1 is titled "Underground Tram".[3]