Coal Pits

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The Coal Pits is the second biome on the main path, located directly below the Mines.

A typical entrance to Coal Pits

Layout and hazards

The Coal Pits consists mostly of wide open passages composed of thick sections composed of coal vein and grey rock, with wooden beams blocking off certain areas or providing platforms to stand on. The long tunnels are frequently dead ends which necessitates lots of backtracking to progress further, unless digging or explosives are used. Gold deposits litter the terrain which can be dug out with suitable spells (Chainsaw, Digging Bolt, Energy Orb, etc). Note that coal vein is much easier to dig through than grey rock. Deep pools of water and pools of toxic sludge are also abundant. Because the biome has no "safety room" present in later biomes, it is possible for pools of toxic sludge to generate directly under the Holy Mountain exit. Wooden Mining machinery can occasionally be spotted, serving no functional purpose.

While more open than the Mines, enemy conflicts can frequently make large areas hazardous, with frequently appearing Toxic Slimes, toxic sludge barrels, and pools of toxic sludge mixing with lava bled by Fireflies to create unpurifiable toxic rock and toxic gas. Sea mines also make their first appearance here as well as easily ignited vats of gunpowder. Often, surfaces are covered with toxic sludge, so having a water potion is recommended.


The Coal pits feature several new creatures as well as other types of Hiisi, including:

Common Uncommon Rare

Exploration Tips

  • TBD


A possible wand (green) and heart (red) spawn point. Wooden structure and nest can help in finding it.
A possible heart spawn recognizeable from the wooden platforms and the shape of the wall on its left side.


Capsule Puzzle

Kiekurakeppi Puzzle.gif

A metal capsule-shaped structure will sometimes appear, with a small pool of Water in the bottom. Emblazoned on the inside of the capsule is the alchemical symbol of Water, the downward-pointed triangle, and an image of a cloud is etched into the ceiling of the capsule.

Evaporating the water the capsule contains into a sufficient quantity of Steam or creating enough Smoke inside the capsule will reward you with the Kiekurakeppi, a unique Wand.


Music that plays here includes:

Track 5 of Noita Official Soundtrack vol. 1 is titled "Teleport to Happier Times".[1]

Track 7 of Noita Official Soundtrack vol. 1 is titled "Beat of The Kosmos".[2]

Track 8 of Noita Official Soundtrack vol. 1 is titled "Peace At Last".[3]


  • Dec 19 2019:
    • Added Sähikäismenninkäinen enemy.
    • Re-introduced Jouluhiisi.