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Coal Pits is the second biome encountered on the main path with a Holy Mountain separating it from the Mines above. It continues with a similar theme, containing most of the enemies from the mines, but also introducing various new foes, and some higher HP varieties of previous ones. There is also substantially more gold deposits, allowing for ample gold collection if one were crafty with a dig spell.

A typical entrance to Coal Pits

Layout and hazards

Coal Pits is a very open, winding biome, slightly taller and wider than the mines above. The terrain is filled with coal veins, Grey Rock, and the occasional wooden beams, providing ample fire hazard. Digging would be near essential, as the winding paths create a great deal of dead ends, but the ample amount of explosives littered about quickly open up new pathways. Gold deposits are very common, and can be easily dug out with any spell that digs through soft material. A few common ones are Digging Blast, Digging Bolt, Energy Orb, and Chainsaw. Note that the soft coal veins are much easier to dig through than the harder grey rock.

Also commonly found are pools of water, which extra HP or chests can sometimes spawn in. Toxic Sludge is also a common threat, especially to unsuspecting Hiisi, who have a material vulnerability to it. Exiting out of the Holy Mountain will sometimes have you fully inundated with toxic sludge, as there is no basin generated at the bottom. Some wooden structures will also spawn.

While much more open than its predecessor, The Mines, the greater variety of enemies of different factions can create constant infighting, making large areas hazardous. Sea mines make their first appearance here, along with easily ignited vats of gunpowder. Some reactions of note are:

Given the usefulness of water in putting out flames, converting both toxic sludge and slime to more water, and its ability to neutralize lava into rock, it is heavily recommended to have a flask of water.


Coal pits features several new creatures as well as stronger variations of previous enemies.

Common Uncommon Rare

Exploration Tips

  • This stage is relatively safe, has a lot of gold deposits, as well as many wand and Extra Max HP spawns, making it a perfect place to slow down and collect.
  • Any digging spell goes a long way here, as the constant dead ends cause a great deal of backtracking, and many heart spawns are inside walls or ceilings.
  • Another method of getting around these obstacles is by putting a Teleport Bolt on a Long-Distance Cast, and then teleporting through walls.


A possible wand (green) and heart (red) spawn point. Wooden structure and nest can help in finding it.
A possible heart spawn recognizeable from the wooden platforms and the shape of the wall on its left side.


Capsule Puzzle

Kiekurakeppi Puzzle.gif

A metal capsule with openings on the sides will sometimes generate, with a puddle of Water at the bottom. Emblazoned on the inside of the capsule is the alchemical symbol of Water, the downward-pointed triangle, and an image of a cloud is etched into the ceiling of the capsule.

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Evaporating enough of the water into Steam or filling the inside with Smoke will reward you with the Kiekurakeppi, a unique Wand, which always casts Knockback.

Cube Puzzle

A dark gray cube adorned with golden runes, pictured on a neutral blue-gray background.

A black cube with gold etchings may rarely spawn.

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If you stand still near the cube for around 10 seconds, a portal appears above the box. The portal leads to a chamber containing a single wand, and a return portal that takes you back to the entry point. Tinkering with wands is also possible inside this chamber, for up to 10 minutes.


Music that plays here includes:

Track 5 of Noita Official Soundtrack vol. 1 is titled "Teleport to Happier Times".[1]

Track 7 of Noita Official Soundtrack vol. 1 is titled "Beat of The Kosmos".[2]

Track 8 of Noita Official Soundtrack vol. 1 is titled "Peace At Last".[3]


  • Apr 8 2024: Added Neva-Aave enemy.
  • Dec 19 2019:
    • Added Sähikäismenninkäinen enemy.
    • Re-introduced Jouluhiisi.